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Two people stabbed in an attack at the Bullring

Yesterday two teenagers were stabbed in Birmingham at the Bullring

Yesterday afternoon while Christmas shoppers were going about their day, police were called to the Bullring after reports of a stabbing.

West Midlands police tweeted the victims were "being treated for injuries that are not thought to be life threatening".

Today, Birmingham Police issued a statement detailing: "A 17-year-old man was taken to hospital with a hand injury and a 18-year-old man with a slash wound to his head and a broken ankle."

Police reassured people there would be an increased police presence while they "try and establish what has happened and find those involved."

Detective Inspector Lauren Glass issued a statement saying: “We’re working hard to establish the circumstances of what happened yesterday afternoon.

“The two men received nasty injuries in a busy shopping centre, a week before Christmas; there is no place for this level of violence within the city."

The police have stated that they believe this to have been an "isolated incident" and are launching an investigation into the events.

They ask that anyone with any information contact them via live chat.