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What the time you go to big Sainbury’s says about you

Here’s what the time you go to Big Sainos say’s about you

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The long and treacherous journey to big Sainsbury's is one of student life's little pleasures. Who doesn't feel like more of an adult heading to Sainos to stock up on all the goodies you miss out on when you're poorer and saving money at Aldi?

Here are some of the key times to head to Aldi and what they mean about you.

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If you head to the great orange temple on a Sunday, you probably don't have a weekend job so can relax on Sundays and weekends. You most likely walk round Sainsbury's after waking up from a morning in bed nursing your hangover from last night, and your shopping basket will probably include a quick ready meal for later and snacks to munch on all day when you head home after, satisfied by your days outing, to return back to your bed.

Monday Morning

You like to feel like you have your shit together. Waking up early to shop before a lecture gets you up and out early to start your week off with a full fridge. Making yourself so busy, so early on in the week will probably mean that you crash by Wednesday but who cares when you got to spend one day feeling like a proper adult and mingling with all of the local school mums doing their shop after dropping off the kids. Your basket will include almost all raw ingredients for all of the meal prep you're planning to do, but will find yourself too tired to cook when it comes to Thursday. Better pop in a cheeky ready meal just incase.

Monday Evening

You also like to start your week off prepared and fully stocked, but you're not quite as enthusiastic as a morning shopper. You will probably walk to Sainsbury's with friends, and all end up spending way too much time browsing the aisles when you said you were going for a 'quick trip'. Your basket largely consists of ready meals, and maybe a bottle or two of wine if you're feeling bougie and your pals are gassing you up enough to 'treat your self babe!'

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You believed that you were going to be able to make last weeks shop stretch, but upon close analysis of your fridge, realise that all you have is half a pepper and some carrots and that's just not really going to cut it. You probably venture to Sainsbury's as they have a better selection of ready meals and meal deals than Aldi and you need a few quick bits to get you by. Predictably, your 'little' top up shop, will turn into a full on feast enough to feed 5000, most of which you will eat when you get back as a treat to reward yourself for making the journey in the first place. Waiting then until you repeat the exact same process next week.

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You have made the trip to Sainos to buy some bits for a fancy meal or dinner party to impress friends. You need some asparagus, wine and an ingredient that you've only ever come across in this one recipe you're using but damn it you're going to succeed at making this the perfect dish. You probably won't even find this niche ingredient but don't worry, soy sauce will probably work too. Your friends are visiting from Durham or UEA and you want to make sure that you have the best stock possible for them, so are doing a shop before they get there at 8 and the party weekend kicks off.


Why the fuck are you shopping on a Saturday? Go home, today is not the day to be an adult.