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UoB is getting rid of ‘conditional unconditional’ offers

RIP easy A-levels

UoB has said it will suspend the use of controversial 'conditional unconditional' offers, after pressure from the government.

The offers, which require students to place the university as their firm choice to receive the offer, have been controversial with some teachers arguing that it limits students' choices as well as reducing their work ethic in their A-levels.

In 2018, it was revealed that Brum made the highest percentage of unconditional offers of any Russell Group university, with 18.9 per cent of offers being unconditional.

Third year English student Tabitha Green told The Birmingham Tab: "I think it's good because although unconditionals may provide some much needed security, from my experience they really encourage complacency."

She continued: "I didn't put as much effort into my A levels as I could have because I knew I was in."

The University have recently released a statement stating that they "continue to review and refine [their] strategy and remain confident that [their] offer making practice is legal, fair and transparent."