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Everything you need to know about the Selly cat, Selly Oak’s biggest celebrity

Who is the Selly cat?

If you live in Selly Oak, maybe you've been visited by this big name on campus recently. With his handsome bow tie, he's been wandering his way into students hearts and homes a lot recently.

The Selly cat has been seen all over the place – on Fab, wandering down Teignmouth. Could he be the only thing nimble enough to get in all those loose bathroom windows?

We tracked down those lucky enough to have been graced with the cat's presence. Here's what we know.

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Carrie San Ruston DiCaprio was recently visited by the stylish boy himself

Student Bren S. Pereira is a resident of Teignmouth road, the Selly cat's favourite hang out. Bren told The Tab that "he is a lovely guy, he came into our house with his cute little bowtie and it was love at first sight".

After making friends, the Selly cat even tried to stay around for a sleep over with his new pals, staying at the window even at 3am.

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The Selly cat visiting student Megan Toal last week

This master at breaking and entering seems to like sneaking through open front doors.

He crept into Megan Toal's house while her housemate was leaving their home. Despite being an uninvited guest, Megan was more than happy to spend time with Selly's new feline friend, telling The Tab he was "the friendliest cat I've ever met".

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The Selly cat pictured by Ellie Eacott

The cat pawed his way into Ellie Eacott's home while one of her housemates was getting a food delivery, when they turned around there he was in the middle of their hallway.

She told The Tab that after a little wander he just sat on the sofa and fell asleep. Ellie commented that " it felt like we were seeing a celebrity".

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The Selly cat as photographed by Charlotte Nicholls

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The Selly Cat pictured by Megan Toal

Who knows who actually owns the Selly Oak cat? It feels like he is a friend to us all really. Bringing hope to Selly Oak. Where will our biggest celebrity end up next?

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The Selly Oak cat as featured on Fab n Fresh by Darcy Allison