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Artist halts her performance to call out O2 venue security

American singer Hayley Kiyoko stopped her concert mid song to call out the O2 Venue security

On Sunday night, American artist Hayley Kiyoko stopped her show because the venue security wouldn't let audience members in the balcony stand. During the popular song "Sleepover", the artist stopped to ask a couple of security guards to leave.

During the show, a group of girls in the balcony continued to stand and dance to songs, but were repeatedly flashed in the face to sit down.

The singer broke off from her performance and engaged the security by saying "Can you turn the lights on you guys are really pissing me off. I need you two security men that are being dicks to leave please." After asking security to let them stand up and saying that she felt it was rude for them to be flashing people in the faces.

It then came to light that these members of the audience were being asked to sit as they were blocking the view from the disabled spectator box.

The singer then asked the standing fans to "politely sit down" but continued to halt the show due to the belief that the staff were being disrespectful.

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When the staff removed themselves from the situation, Kiyoko carried on with the show, aiming to spread a message of love and acceptance.

The morning after the event the singer issued a public apology on twitter saying that she "just wants [her] fans to have the best most positive experience at [her] shows". She went on "I'm sorry to anyone who had bad energy last night which was poorly handled and communicated. I'm sorry to even put you in a situation like that."

It feels as if there was an extreme sense of miscommunication here between the O2 security and the performer. Although, understandably the flashing was distracting and she felt she was standing up for her fans, the staff were only following venue protocol.