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Five vegan vloggers you have to follow if you’re at uni

Happy World Vegan Day!

If, like many other students, you have decided to use your new independence to alter your eating habits, here are 5 Vegan Vloggers to help make a vegan lifestyle easier at University.

Cheap Lazy Vegan

'Cheap Lazy Vegan' is a great go to for bulk cooking videos. She often uses only a few ingredients to cook for a whole week which is perfect if you have a small budget and lots of fridge or freezer space. She also has videos where the meal prep takes as little as an hour helping to save time too!

Rachel Ama

'Rachel Ama' makes videos about veganism and a body positive lifestyle. Again, many of her hauls are cheap and look extremely tasty. From Buddha bowls to Vegan mac and cheese, this gal has comfort eating down to a T, perfect for a post lecture evening in.

Cruelty Free Becky

'Cruelty Free Becky' combines all elements of an animal and environmentally friendly lifestyle. She includes vlogs on fashion, beauty and a vegan diet, helping to make the transition to a different lifestyle as easy as possible.


'ItsMandarin' talks honestly about her stresses and struggles at University, as well as how to cook some easy and tasty vegan meals. She spent a lot of time sharing her dorm and cooking in a small space so her recipes can be great if you have a lack of kitchen space and storage.

Vegan Speak

'Vegan Speak' is a great vlogger for a cheap food haul. They do a lot of travelling so have mastered the art of eating vegan in foreign places pretty well. They also speak out about a lot of controversial vegan topics and aren't afraid to call out some of the more intimidating parts of vegan culture.

Happy World Vegan day from all of us at the Tab Birmingham!