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Burst pipe leaves Selly Oak flooded and students paddling home

It began on Arley Road following a burst pipe

At around 10pm on Monday evening flooding began due to a burst pipe, leaving students stranded and having to paddle home along Bournbrook Road and Arley Road.

Some students have even reported a loss of water supply on multiple roads in Selly Oak, not just those affected by the flood.

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Photo taken by student Connor James of Arley Road

Multiple roads in Selly Oak are inches deep in water, meaning roads have been closed off and students are having to take alternate routes home. Students are reporting that houses are being affected from the top of Bournbrook Road all the way to Arley Road.

Photo taken by student Connor Jones from the bottom of Bournbrook road

The Birmingham Tab spoke to Dave Sellars who was at the scene and said that after originally being able to drive through it earlier in the night, when it came to going home he was advised to "take his shoes off and paddle through it" by onlookers.

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Image of Arley Road taken by student Rachel Mooney

Resident of the Arley Road, Connor James, told The Birmingham Tab that "at the worst places it's about two foot deep" describing how "most of the cars on Arley road are flooded to the point where you can't see the number plate anymore".

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Local students out for a swim in Selly Oak

The road has been closed off and students have been advised that they should wait for the water to recede soon.

More specific details of the flood are currently unknown at this time and emergency services are not yet at the scene.