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The creepiest places in Selly Oak

all of these are definitely haunted

We all know that Selly can be scary at the best of times – rats scuttling around mouldy bins, abandoned furniture, not to mention the usual horror of a 9am seminar. But let's be honest, not all scary things are created equal, and Selly is home to a whole host of horror-filled locations. In honour of Halloween, here are a few of the creepier places that are almost definitely haunted by the ghosts of Freshers past.

The abandoned nursery

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Let's be honest when are children not scary? But when they're not there at all, somehow it all gets that bit scarier. No one has ever seen any children in this nursery and yet it remains untouched for some reason – the squeaking of the abandoned playsets whistles over the air around it, while toys are still strewn on the ground in the playground. Was it zombies? Was it aliens? We will never know.

The Old Library

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I don't think this library has been used for a couple of years but was originally opened in 1906. Standing at the end of Selly Oak high street, it marks the gap between actual Selly Oak and the fake Selly Oak once you cross the canal. It's a Grade 2 listed building meaning it is "of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve it". Walking past it always seems to look a little darker. As you walk past, you can't help but imagine what it's like inside.

The MOT Garage

For some reason the Exeter, Dawlish cross road is a hub of creepiness. The car garage that stands on the corner always seems to have an ominous flickering light outside of it that seems slightly threatening as you walk past on your way to sports night pres.

The old play area

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Again, another abandoned playground. They seem to have recently stripped everything out of this play area and lets be real – I highly doubt that it was ever safe to have an open play area right next to a major road.

The abandoned house on Bristol Road

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This was an old council building that got closed down and has stood unused for a number of years, but it appears that work has finally started on it recently. There were lots of break-ins to this building shown by the constant addition of new boards being replaced over old ones where people had got in. Its architecture is unlike most around Selly meaning it looms over the rest of the houses around it, and is almost definitely a hangout for Selly Oak's local demon population.