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Reading books and serving looks: We did a photo shoot in the library and here’s how it went

Grab your library cards and check out Ellie, Saoirse and Kate modelling in UoB library

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Birmingham's next top models

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What was it like shooting in the Library?

Kate: Quiet, very quiet.

Ellie: Slightly embarrassing at the start but really fun!

Saoirse: Very jokes and actually a lot more fun than doing my work.

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Saoirse Fitzpatrick finding that good light

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Stairs and stares all round

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Reading books and serving looks

Have you ever had any modelling experience before?

Kate: No but I definitely want to after this.

Ellie: Does taking selfies in my room count?

Saoirse: I've modelled for some friends photography projects in secondary school.

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Kate Langford in the aisles of the library

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Ellie George reaching new heights

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Section C has never been so fierce

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Exploring the fine art section

What was the biggest challenge about shooting in the library?

Kate: Hiding from the library monitors.

Ellie: Trying not to fall off that stool.

Saoirse: Not making awkward eye contact with passers by when you're posing like a pretentious idiot.

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Hanging out by the printers

Co-director Nicole also answered these questions:

What was it like shooting in the library?

Extremely bizarre but so funny – really, anything is better than writing my essay.

Have you had any directing experience?

I've watched a lot of America's next top model, so I feel like that set me up well for it.

What were the biggest challenges of shooting in the library?

Evading the library staff!

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Going down?

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We finally found a use for the HuddleBox!