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‘We need desks not plastic boxes’: People are absolutely rinsing UoB’s new solution to lack of study spaces

New library ‘HuddleBox’ criticised by students for being completely impractical

If you've walked through the library this week, you've probably wondered what that grey and orange mound of cubes is.

UoB are testing out a new seating idea in the main library this week – a "HuddleBox".

According to it's website a HuddleBox is "Modular stage seating for micro workplace auditorium style meeting areas. Or just somewhere to go and hold an impromptu meeting."

The problem is, UoB asked students – on their way to struggle to find a library seat – to anonymously give feedback on the box. It could only go one way.

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The HuddleBox in all it's glory

Students criticised the new solution to the university's lack of study space on its comments whiteboard and the reactions are priceless. "We need desks! Not plastic boxes!" one student wrote with support from other comments on the board.

Others rated it a measly "2/10", "what were you thinking?" and one student simply just wrote "mate"…enough said.

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One wrote: "This is what my nine grand is being wasted on?"

"How much of my student loan did this silly thing cost? WASTE of funding!!!" said another.

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As one student quite rightly wrote it's "fun, but solve the real problem first please?"

It seems like this is only a trial for now and that the company itself are also in development so we are yet to see if we will actually ever be given the space we have been asking for

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The question is: do you dig the HuddleBox?

Do you dig the HuddleBox?