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We counted all the furniture on the streets of Selly to find out which road is the messiest

Surprisingly, mattresses weren’t the most common

Stumbling home from Fab, it's easy to see a sofa on the pavement and think it'd be a great place to rest. They're everywhere. Which got us thinking: exactly how many pieces of discarded furniture are there around Selly? And which is the messiest?

On the five main streets of Selly Oak there were a grand total of 32 pieces of furniture.

After walking around Selly here's a breakdown of what we found on Hubert, Dawlish, Tiverton, Heeley and Teignmouth Road.

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This mattress seems to be in a bit of a slump on Dawlish Road

Dawlish Road was the messiest, with 13 pieces of furniture total. Dawlish also included the largest number of sofas and chairs on any of the roads, with a count of nine.

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Teignmouth and Heeley Road both had less than four pieces of furniture, however Teignmouth Road had the largest number of fridges of any road in Selly.

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Some fridges out for a stroll on Teignmouth Road

Hubert Road was a close second to Dawlish. We counted eight pieces of furniture on the road and Hubert also had a total of four mattresses, meaning it was the winner of most mattresses on a street.

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Wandering around in Selly Oak picking out a new fridge

You could find almost enough furniture to kit out your entire uni house in the space of only five streets.

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The most popular type of furniture on the streets of Selly was sofas and chairs. Looks like you'll never run out of places to sit and admire the view in Selly.

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