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Meet the best dressed from the Vale fireworks

The fireworks weren’t the only things popping off on Thursday

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Last night at the Vale fireworks UoB lit up our tuituion fees for one of the most fabulous displays, and Brum students turned up with some of their most fashionable outfits. Here's a round up of our favourites.

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Amina, English and Journalism (Coventry), 2nd year.

Although not a Birmingham uni student, Amina turned it out with this look. We loved the mix of textures and pastels from the blue denim jacket, fluffy white hoody and pink silk skirt. When asked what inspired their fashion, Amina said they were inspired by "modesty and my religion. I'm wearing a scarf under my hood and my layers help me stay covered."

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Esther, Social work, 1st year (Post-Grad).

Esther's cute black beret and check trousers caught our attention due to her Parisian and cosy style. Paired with a cosy cream jacket and patent black shoes to go with the beret. We asked Esther's friends how they would describe her fashion. They said Esther's look was "unique and eclectic."

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Callum, Bio-Chemistry, 1st year.

Callum's outfit is definitely completed by the best smile! They styled a lot of cosy earthy tones together with a pair of brown boots and their patterned coat. You also can't see but Callum had a stunning rust coloured shimmery shirt underneath which they really were working. When we asked Callum about their fashion they said they're inspired by "whatever goes, I throw a load of stuff together and hope for the best."

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Alfred, Mechanical Engineering, 1st year.

Alfred's jacket really caught our eye. Their sleep skinny jeans and simple shoes, paired really well with the slightly more dramatic jacket. The flannel lined jacket, was not only but fashionable but functional keeping them warm to watch the fire works.

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Moza, Finance and Investment, 3rd year (BCU).

This gal gave us ANGLES and we were living for her simple but effective street style. The gold hoops paired with this striking oversized puffa jacket really stood out against all the bright lights of the fairground. When asked what inspired their fashion Moza said they were influenced by "instagram and street style" most.

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Toby, Biological Sciences, 1st year.

Toby's whole outfit was on theme. From the docs, to the camo trousers, to the matching bag. Even their jacket completed their military theme with it's bomber jacket style. Toby said their fashion was inspired by "social media, seeing other people and my friends."

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Ryan, Social work, 3rd year.

Ryan looked like they'd just walked out of a Burberry London campaign with this stunning scarf and jacket combination. Their smart casual look, paired with these cute glasses and their stunning smile really lit up the night. They described their style as "80s and 90s, but a bit geeky too."

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Chelsea, Education, 3rd year.

Chelsea had really mastered the fall look with these rust tones in their jacket, scarf, shoes. The fireworks and glowy light around made it feel like Chelsea was living everyone's picturesque autumn dream. Their friends said their fashion is " go with the flow and very eccentric."

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Chelsea and Ryan were both together and both looked great so here is a wholesome picture of the pals together.

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Katie, Film Making, Foundation.

I'd seen Katie a few times last night before I was able to capture a picture of their outfit. I was really drawn to the their bucket hat and the use of eye catching primary colours. The look felt very festival but make it autumn. When asked about their style they said they were most inspired by "Billie Eilish."

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