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Alternative things to do this reading week in Birmingham

Here are some different activities to do this reading week to get yourself out there

So, it's reading week, and the pile of stuff you told yourself you would get through over the next few days feels impossible. You have academic papers and old panopto's up to your ears, and let's be honest, out of all the stuff you said you'd do, you will probably only get through about three of them. So here are a couple alternative things to do this week to help you procrastinate and feel like you've accomplished something at the same time.

Take a day trip

Birmingham is basically in the centre of the country and has some really great transport links. You can get to most decent places within a couple of hours, so why not take advantage of our Uni city and extend your reach further? A great day trip from Birmingham is Bristol. Just shy of an hour and a half away on the train, you could spend the day by the docks, vintage shopping, eating good food and maybe seeing a gig, in a fancier city than Birmingham, without having to pay the extortionate rent that the students who actually live there do!

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Some artsy views from Bristol

Walk a dog

Being home in Birmingham when all of your friends and flatmates have returned to their family nest can get a bit lonely, and especially when you miss the comforts of family life and having a furry friend around. Obviously, uni housing means we can't get our own, but why not sign up to borrow my doggy and take someone else's dog for a day out! This is a great way to exercise and take some well needed time for yourself.

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A good boy

Check out some local events

As a uni student it can be very easy to get wrapped up in uni life and only spend your time on and around campus or Selly. But Birmingham always has events going on in the city centre. The mockingbird cinema often has special screenings most weekends, or why not check out Digbeth dining club? You've probably been telling yourself you will for the last two years, so why not take yourself out? Birmingham's your oyster.

Go to one of Birmingham's Parks

Birmingham has 571 parks totalling over 14 square miles of public open space, which is more than any other European city equivalent to it's size. On the train from Selly Oak it is only a couple of stops to Lickey hills park, which has a view of the entire city. Or, there are also a couple of parks within a 30-40 minute walk of Selly, such as Highbury Park, Hazelwell parka and Bourneville park and it's a bit more interesting than going to Canon hill for the 6th time this year.

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Lickey Hills Park

Take a trip to Ikea

Ikea is, as we all know, one of the greatest days out ever. Not only is it basically playing house for adults, but you get to buy the bits for your uni room that you've been wanting for ages and you just know are going to upgrade your uni room game to a strong aesthetic 10. Coventry Ikea is only a short 20 minute train journey away from New Street and is super close to the train station at the other end. An interior design revamp could be exactly what you need to upgrade the remainder of your term.

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