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Four Fiat 500s have been stolen overnight in Selly

Basic bitches of Selly Oak watch out, they’re after your Fiat 500

Selly Oak's Fiat 500 girls are under threat as Selly Oak Police say there have been four reports of cars being stolen overnight

The police reported that out of the four reports overnight, three were stolen without keys.

They recommended the use of steering wheel locks to protect against these crimes, as well as advising that keys are kept away from doors.

Maybe the culprit has been scolded by too many a basic emoji, or was called out on Twitter. Or maybe they just decided to take matters into their own hands and try to take over the Fiat 500 population of Selly Oak.

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Selly Oak inspector Murrin has recently tweeted that a stolen car was recovered and that the offenders are in custody due to the hard work of the Bourneville and Selly Oak police, supported by the police response unit.