Gus Stewart

I was trapped in Neon after it shut so I had to break out at 5:30 AM and set off the alarm

I was also dressed as Catwoman

Smack voted in the top ten nightclubs in the world

Yep, we were surprised too – thought it was at least a top five.

Rugby club sanctioned after initiation controversy

They’ll have to attend consent workshops too

Two weeks late: Union respond to grim reaper activist hustled out of careers fair

Pls stop oppressing me

Bungling accommodation staff cause panic for anyone studying abroad

Angry petition launched after many feel ‘betrayed’

Sir Ian McKellen supports Warwick Rowers and the one calendar to rule them all

Hot young studs team older guy

10th anniversary Warwick jailbreak winners reach Israel

We’re better at getting in pants than Birmingham

All for charity: Warwick girls embark on 48 hour rowing marathon

Dig deep

Supernatural liason officer employed at haunted Leamington station

As if that part of town wasn’t spooky enough

Uni to take legal action over National Action campus video

They say there is no ‘significant risk’

Big scam on campus: SU warns of phoney flyers

Be wary of dodgy advertising promising cheap international calls

What you missed over the Summer months- campus and surrounding areas

We’ve pulled out some of our favourite news stories from the Summer months, so you can chat to old people at the bus stop like you have never been away.

Exclusive DJ Topiary fresher mix

Warwick’s freshest DJ gives some freshers an exclusive mix tape for tonight’s Smack

We’re not so good with numbers: Warwick students can’t save

We just don’t have the saving savvy at Warwick

Warwick student’s organ transplant hell continues as ‘Perfect Match’ mum denied entry visa

A Warwick student’s mum who needs to donate a kidney to her ill son has been denied a temporary visa

Warwick student’s organ transplant Hell continues as ‘Perfect Match’ Mum denied entry visa

A Warwick student’s mum who needs to donate a kidney to her ill son has been denied a temporary visa

VIDEO: Hundreds march to kick fascism off campus

With the recent news of National Action’s presence on Campus, last Thursday saw hundreds of individuals march against Fascism outside Senate House.

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: U1 bus going up in flames on campus

Gibbet Hill Road closed as U1 bus engine malfunctions and catches fire and is destroyed within ten minutes, scroll down for the video

Top unis targeted by Neo-Nazis who (predictably) worship Hitler and want to kill Jews

National Action is led by a Warwick uni fresher and the group has been flyering at universities across the country

Why Student Politics Has Gone To The Dogs

Political busy bodies on campus are getting in the way of true representation

Students Come Together To Help a Big Issue

The heart-warming tale of how Warwick Students came together to raise over £1000 for Sammy, the big issue guy, in under three days to fund his sisters funeral. Hats off guys!

Lets Talk About Depression

The Tab’s Kat Davidson meets Warwick Student John Servante who is using his blog to speak out about the stigma around mental illness.

The Tab’s Guide to Revision Tunes

As we’re currently stuck in the mundaneness of exam season, it’s difficult to keep motivated and on track with revision. That’s why the Tab has come up with the definitive list of tunes that will ease that revision stress…

Exclusive: Bowater Speaks Out

The proposer of the legitimate yet dropped ‘A Game of Warwick SU’ motion gives the Tab his personal take on the events that unfolded this week…

You know nothing, SU: killjoys block Game of Thrones theme for Presidency

SU wages war against Khal Bowater’s ‘A Game of Warwick SU’ motion rejected despite meeting all the requirements…

Warwick Is On The Up

The new league tables for 2015 are out we all know you get secretly get competitive about them. So the Tab have deeply analysed the results to provide you with some handy ammunition against your Coventry buds….

Wankers of the World, Rejoice: It’s International Masturbation Month.

Spanking the monkey, flicking the bean, jerking the gherkin… Whatever you call it, now is the time for celebration of all things self-love.

The Tab Goes Bananas for WUDS’ The Hairy Ape

We went to see WUDS’ latest outstanding production ‘The Hairy Ape’. We promise you they are definitely not mokeying around…

Warwick Attempts To Break Selfie World Record

Wednesday 7th May 2014 marked the arrival of SanDisk at The University of Warwick to help with the attempt to create a Guinness World Record for the ‘most selfies taken simulteneously’.

How To Win Friends and Bully People

Warwick academics research bullying in schools and conclude that it makes children popular, wins them friends and influences those around them.

The Tab guide to procrastination websites

Dissertation getting too much for you? Check out our definitive guide to distraction…

Chat Up Lines Guaranteed To Score You A Warwick Beauty

From a Computer Science student to a Geology Student, use these Adonis-like lines and you’ll be leaving Smack with a girl on each arm. Trust me from one Adonis to another…I know my stuff!


Remember the fool who called the University saying there was a bomb at Westwood? Yeah, he’s been jailed for eight months. Justice has been served.

Warwick Professor Allegedly Suspended Due To Activism

Professor of English and comparative literature suspended by Warwick University

Cathryn Turhan Is Our New President!

A new SU team has been voted in and Cathryn Turhan leads the way, as the first female President of the SU for nearly a decade.

Three Candidates, Two Interviewers, One President!

The Tab sat down with Warwick’s three Presidential candidates: Cathryn, Dieudonne and Aaron to see who can bring change to the SU.

Petition Fever Over Controversial Roadworks

A petition set up by second year BioMed student Rose Hodgson has hit high popularity that proposes to delay planned roadworks on Gibbet Hill Road that will cause disruption for next terms exams.

Over The Moon: Warwick Students Accepted Onto Space Programme

A talented group of Warwick engineering students have joined the space race by designing a satellite that will be sent 100km into space next year.

Warwick Gets More eMOTIONal With Staff Strikes

University assembly passes overwhelming motion to better reward staff, and put pressure on the employers’ negotiating body to improve the pay offer to staff after numerous student led lectures.

Page 3 closer to campus ban

From No More Page 3 to Pop! costumes, after a week of eMOTIONal and momentous deliberation, the results of the ASM were released…

Leam Terrace Woman Threatened With Rape

After a week of tragic events in Leamington Spa it has been reported a woman in Leam Terrace was attacked and threatened with rape…

The Alan Sugar of Warwick University

The Tab sat down with up and coming and possibly one of Warwick’s finest and successful entrepreneurs, Andrew McGee, the creator of Paradigm Posters. You may have seen his posters around campus…

The schlong list of Warwick porn searches revealed

We were a bit anal and narrowed Pornhub’s figures down to see what Warwick gets up to when all their lectures are finished…….

Students To Become Lecturers After More Strikes

Lecturer strikes on Thursday and next Tuesday have caused uproar in the History department leading to MA students taking lectures.

Foreign student hit by lorry dies

20-year-old, believed to be a Warwick University student, is killed after being hit by a lorry

Topiary: An Interview with Warwick’s Emerging DJ

Topiary, one of Warwick’s finest DJ’s, chats exclusively to The Tab for some tips on being a DJ and what the future holds for him, as well as creating an exclusive pre-drink mix for Tab readers.

Students Cost Warwick £50,000

Drunk and disorderly students have forced Warwick University to pay £50,000 to control them after nights out in Leamington Spa.

Terror on Tachbrook: Woman Stabbed.

A woman is believed to have been stabbed at a Caribbean takeaway on Leamington Spa’s Tachbrook street on Friday.

Dante Fierro is Back with Premature Ejaculation and Addiction!

Dante Fierro is back for the New Year, giving out an even larger dose of the D perspective on some pressing issues…

Dante Fierro: Fresher Messes and a Naughty Boyfriend Confesses

Dante Fierro is back to give you the D perspective on your drunken Fresher mistakes and how to deal with the urges of giving that D to someone…who isn’t your girlfriend.

A Right Old Rogering Of The Juggernaut!

£12. 4000 calories. Alistair Rogers takes on this beastly breakfast. Luckily he’s still here to tell the story!

The Tab’s Top Tips for Strike Boredom

For those affected by the strike, The Tab have come up with 5 activities you should have been doing with your time instead…


As the University strikes come closer, student opinions are becoming stronger. Some more than others. Fractions are forming. Could there be a strike against the strike?

Ratemash rage runs rapid through Warwick

That’s a nice photo, let me splash it all over the internet for you…


After a successful debut, Dante Fierro is back to give first class advice and give the D perspective to Warwick.

The Page Three Debate: Who Knows Breast?

Page 3. One heated debate. 2 sides of an argument. Let the breast player win.