After a successful debut, Dante Fierro is back to give first class advice and give the D perspective to Warwick.

Forget Dear Deidre and her dated advice, Dante Fierro is back for a second week running addressing anonymous students problems with the best possible advice.

The end of Dear Diedre; a new Dante Fierro era on the horizon?

The end of Dear Deidre; a new Dante Fierro era on the horizon?

Dante Fierro,

Tuesday and Thursday. May seem to you like normal days. But to me these two nights are the only two nights that I can afford to take out of my busy Maths degree to get laid. But I can’t. Freshers was easy – two a week easy.

Second year got a bit tougher but still steady success. But now entering my first term of third year, nothing. Zilch. Zero. It’s taken a knock on my confidence and now when I go out with my mates to Smack, the guys who had never got with girls before are raking them in. 

First world problems I know, but still I need a solution.

Maintaining such a game that you possess is a difficult task, Dante Fierro doesn’t always find it easy you know.

The pulling life is like the stock market. You have your peaks, your glory days but suddenly without any warning it comes crashing down. A depression. So here is the D perspective to get your D active again:

Dante Fierro’s seven point plan to Smack success:

Eye contact

This is where it all starts to come together. From your vantage point you should be able to spot anyone showing an interest. Because of your noticeable garb people will inevitably look at you. Try to scan the crowd for someone attractive looking at you. Now try to maintain eye contact for around a second.

Pointing (the wink and the gun)

Now to narrow it down further and confirm you have a bite by knocking it up a notch. Move on from just maintaining the odd gaze to full blown pointing, winking or the classic wink and the gun combo (my favourite). If you get a point, wink or wink+gun back then you are ready for the next stage.

Get introduced and make an impact

Now get introduced to the others in the group, making sure you give your target some warm and knowing eye contact as you do so – really give it some sparkle. Make sure you are charming and fun. You might want to make up an obviously fake but memorable back story such as dolphin trainer.

Walk away

Once you have had a polite and friendly chat, walk away – go for a drink or a dance. Doing this has a couple of real advantages:

A) You won’t look too pushy and may even look cooler/more interesting, because most people would try to go in for the kill at this stage;

B) Coming back 20 minutes later you are no longer a stranger – you are that fun memorable person they met earlier and it will feel more natural.

Chat to the target

Now it is time to go back and chat to the target.  Again witty and charming and with plenty of sparkle. A good trick is to ask open questions and listen, listen, listen. Then find common ground or a common interest.

Use innuendo

If you can work some innuendo or double-entendre into the conversation then all the better. This will help show your intent in a safe and funny way. Don’t use a line like “my penis is Ali Baba, give it a rub and you can make a wish”. That is not only desperate, but slightly creepy as well my friend.

Head to the bar

This is where you have to make a judgement call. If you cannot seal the deal now you have definitely set yourself up for a night of flirtatious fun.


Remember guys, any problems, anyone, anything; Dante Fierro is here to help. Write an anonymous message under the article and the D will be coming right your way.