Top unis targeted by Neo-Nazis who (predictably) worship Hitler and want to kill Jews

National Action is led by a Warwick uni fresher and the group has been flyering at universities across the country

• National Action praises Holocaust and laugh at “killing niggers”
• Led by Warwick uni fresher and Essex politics graduate
• Attention-seeking group has been flyering at 13 British universities

A frightening new right-wing group run by a Hitler-worshipping Warwick fresher is targeting British students to spread its message of racial hatred.

National Action, exposed yesterday by the Sunday Mirror, is led by 19-year Alex Davies, a philosophy fresher at the University of Warwick, and 25-year-old Benjamin Raymond.

Propaganda posters have been found at 13 UK universities, and on Saturday, Davies led a demonstration outside Liverpool’s Lime Street Station where he described the group as “We’re like the BNP but more radical.”


Benjamin Raymond performs a Nazi salute after putting a banana in the hand of a Nelson Mandela statue

The group say they have put up posters and stickers at universities including Cambridge, Warwick, Exeter, Nottingham, Newcastle, Swansea, Coventry, Chester, Aberdeen, Robert Gordon, Sunderland, Stirling and Glyndwr.

And in an interview with the Mirror, Davies said: “I don’t want to say what I’d like to do to Jews – it’s too extreme.”

He told the paper he would go to jail to defend his  views, adding: “If we can stay out of prison we will. But you have to consider race-hate laws. They’re quite ambiguous, so it is possible some of us would go to prison. But we’re prepared for that.”

And he warned they were planning a campaign to recruit students at universities across Britain.


Benjamin Raymond says he loves Hitler

“We’re targeting universities regularly. That’s something the BNP never had. We’ve built something in a few months the BNP didn’t have in 20 years.”

Just one day after the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, masked demonstrators brandished signs and leaflets promoting white supremacy and calling for Britain to be cleansed of “parasites”.

After an unwelcoming response from the public, police officers quickly arrived to move the group on.

Anti-terror police are watching the group and are particularly concerned about the hateful views of its leaders.

The National Action group’s website, which carries the racist tagline “For a Free White Britain”, explicitly advocates white supremacy and shows a Nazi-like obssession with eugenics – the science of trying to breed a society with certain genetic traits.

A group of National Action skinheads...presumably not students

A group of National Action skinheads…presumably not students

national action poster

A National Action poster found on Exeter uni campus

And the site tells members: “To be on our side, a nationalist must be openly racist and openly anti-Semitic. There is no legitimate reason to not be a racist or an anti-Semite in 2014. The battlefield today is race.

“Public displays of white defiance against the multi-racial society are important in galvanizing people to action.”

A recent post by Raymond states: “Maintaining the purity of nationalism so that it doesn’t run off the tracks is like dog breeding […] Lazy thinking, sterility, and cukoulds will produce weak offspring, mongrelised and too retarded to live – Ensuring the purity of nationalism likewise requires eliminating runts.”

The group, which styles itself as “more radical than the BNP”, is particularly worrying because of its mission to recruit young people. The website specifically addresses itself to “white youths between the ages of 15-29”.

Both former Labour Europe minister, Denis MacShane, and Gerry Gable, editor of anti-fascist publication Searchlight, have expressed major concern for the National Action group’s unashamed vocalisation of hatred.

Despite public hostility, Davies and Raymond stand firmly behind their words and actions. Davies told the Mirror: “I’m not concerned what your readers think about me. All you should know is that we aren’t going to stop.”

On his Facebook page, Raymond lists his job as “Jackboot shaman at the Church of Cyborg Hitler.”

The 25-year-old, who graduated with a degree in politics from Essex University last year, welcomed starvation in Zimbabwe, writing: “This is good news. More dead niggers”.

Watch National Action propaganda video:

In another post about the shooting of American teenager Trayvon Martin, he wrote: “It’s now legal to kill niggers!! They are all out and armed. Shoot them on sight!”

The story has quickly gone viral on social media, provoking debate among young people targeted by the group’s vitriol.

Twitter users have criticised National Action for their cowardice – they wear masks during demonstrations – with one user coining the slogan “ban the burkes”.

This pitiful display was described as a "march" by the group

This pitiful display was described as a “march” by the group

But the controversy surrounding the story has gained some meaningful insight into the current state of voter apathy.

One Facebook user wrote: “I hate student politics as it is but now you have people on facebook trying to dictate what you can or cannot believe.

“We claim to live in a society that promotes freedom to think as choose, but fringe views aren’t accepted.

“As far as i care he [Davies] can believe what he wants. I don’t think people on Facebook have the ability to tell HIM what he can or cannot believe.”

And many people may question whether the group are really a threat at all, or just another group of attention-seekers spouting rubbish which they know will upset people.

Last night the University of Warwick said they were investigating the story.