A Right Old Rogering Of The Juggernaut!

£12. 4000 calories. Alistair Rogers takes on this beastly breakfast. Luckily he’s still here to tell the story!

We’ve all seen the Man v Food epic Breakfast challenge . Adam Richman takes on the greatest of the great food challenges. However Warwick’s very own Adam Richman, Alistair Rogers, took on the newly opened  Under-Graduate‘s ‘Juggernaut’ breakfast which consists of more than 4000 calories. Luckily he survived to tell the story of the first person to take the beastly breakfast on; Juggernaut v Juggernaut!

All that food! And whoever said an Olympic breakfast looked big!

All that food! Whoever said the Olympic breakfast looked big! This is a decathlon of digestion!

Here is Alistair’s story, grab a tissue. Dedication, drive and perseverance shine through. A Warwick hero in the making.

Alistair’s Story. 

“I decided to attempt the Juggernaut as my flatmates believed I couldn’t finish it, also they said they would refund me for it if I did. And obviously, I wasn’t going to ignore a challenge like this. Now I eat a huge amount of food as anyone who knows me could tell you, but I don’t think I was prepared for this. First mistake was attempting this with a hangover – my stomach was not in prime condition. So, I ordered this monster of a meal and I sat down patiently.

My flatmates had ordered food too but I believe the chef knew that my order was more important – so it came first. The size of the plate was the first thing that hit me, dear god. This plate was probably half a metre in size, I was actually scared. It was heaving with meat, eggs, chips and toast.

If you're not up to the challenge, there's plenty of other options to choose from.

If you’re not up to the challenge, there’s plenty of other options to choose from.

I had a battle plan, I was going to superset the food (any of you that don’t go to the gym won’t understand this, but I would take mouthfuls of each item of food one by one, so eating part of a black pudding, then a bit of a sausage, then something else until I ended up back at the black pudding again).

I took a deep breath, a big mistake, and began. I started with the black pudding, and damn this was some good food. I had no issue finishing off both of the foot-long sausages, all 4 of the eggs, 4 of the 8 rashers of bacon and most of the 4 egg omelette. Why was the big breath a big mistake, I hear you ask?

It’s because I needed to burp throughout most of the meal. Attempting to put in all of this food in my mouth results in a lot of air going into my stomach at the same time – so I had to leave the table multiple times in order to burp in a more acceptable environment.

I started to finish off the bacon. My mouth was in agony. This was really thick bacon – or as it seemed as my mouth was starting to give out. But I needed to keep going out of pride and because this was delicious but I had been eating for over 45 minutes.

It was so good, I wanted to keep going but my jaw would have locked. I wouldn’t have been able to speak. I also needed several toothpicks afterwards and my mouth just felt so weird for the rest of the day. I might have finished it, if you put the remaining food in a blender and allowed me to drink it afterwards but ehhhh, there might have been some problems there. But I will be back, with a more solid action plan, and more training. I challenge you to get further than I did.”

After more than 45 minutes, Alistair was defeated. So did the Juggernaut roger Alistair Rogers? Sooo many names....and food!

After more than 45 minutes, Alistair was defeated. So did the Juggernaut roger Alistair Rogers? Sooo many names….and food!

Alistair’s post war Facebook status “my jaw hurts so much, the endless chewing” simply summarises the true strength of the Juggernaut. Are you prepared to take the beast on? So far it’s Juggernaut: 1- Warwick Students: Nought…

After hearing about Alistair’s epic tale of two beasts clashing, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to meet the creator of the Mother of the Juggernaut Mr.Ben the chef!

We took a pilgrimage to the birth place of the Juggernaut!

We took a pilgrimage to the birth place of the Juggernaut!

Ben the Chef told us:”No one has even finished the Juggernaut, I wouldn’t either try and attempt to take on the beast.” He further added that “the most recent contenders were a group of three guys and even they couldn’t jointly defeat the Juggernaut!”

Big Ben, the Mother of the Juggernaut!

Big Ben, the Mother of the Juggernaut and a chump on the left.

If you feel up to the challenge, then visit the Under-Graduate (opposite Kelseys) and take on the beast itself!