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UWE SU President suspended over rule breach after making ‘blatant anti-Semitic comments’

An official statement was released earlier this afternoon

| UPDATED president statement Students union suspended UWE

UWE Students' Union President, Zain Choudhry, has officially been suspended for one month following a conclusion made by the SU that he had been "breaching internal rules and regulations".

Choudhry has been suspended for a month, and will undertake additional training.

This news follows accusations made just over a month ago, stating Choudhry had made anti-Semitic comments which resulted in the Elections for the Democratic Procedures Committee (DPC) being called to a halt. Choudhry reached out to voters via a WhatsApp group, urging them not to vote for candidate William Bates and describing him as "a very Zionist type person".

Following the incident, Choudhry responded on social media, saying: "I have continuously worked towards a more cohesive inter-faith society at university and in our community".

He has stated his intention to make amends for his comments, saying: "I will be further reaching out to the Union of Jewish students in due course to enhance my relationship with them".

The official statement from the Students' Union at UWE says: "Following an internal investigation and disciplinary process, The Students’ Union has concluded that there was a breach of its internal rules and regulations by Zain Choudhry, The Students’ Union President, which concerned a post made during an election process. As a result, the President will undergo one month’s suspension, as well as undertaking additional training.

"Any queries during this time that would normally have been directed to the President, please contact Jamie Jordon at [email protected]."

More news to follow as we are updated.