We spoke to the people campaigning to save Thekla

The petition to the council has over 11,500 signatures

Following the news that a new housing development could cause Thekla to be shut down, the #SaveThekla initiative has been making the rounds on social media.

Stella Cooper, creator of the petition, emphasised how the closure of the iconic venue could be devastating to the local music scene here in Bristol.

''The news to me is devastating, Thekla provides pretty much every music genre. Whatever person you want to be at a gig, Thekla welcomes that''

Many musicians have also expressed how they feel about the news. Lauren Aquilina, a singer songwriter who has played at the venue in the past, expressed her experience with Thekla and the news of its potential closure.

''I’ve played Thekla quite a few times. It’s always exciting for me as it’s become my go to hometown venue, and obviously it’s a boat which just makes it really cool. There’s always been a good vibe about it."

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Credit : Lauren Aquilina

"It is evident there will be a huge impact on the Bristol music scene if Thekla closes down. It’s really important that we keep small venues open as it’s where artists learn their craft. If the development does go ahead,anyone moving in should be made aware of the venue… Thekla was there first!''

Other artisits that have backed the #SaveThekla intiative include folk singer Beans On Toast and Bristol's Eats Everything. The news has also seen the likes of music publishers MixMag and NME showing their support

Julie Tippins of the DHP, the company which owns and manages Thekla, released a statement addressing the developers

''We appeal to the developer to kepp their promises to work with us on a new noise survey and improved sound and improved insulation scheme to protect Thekla and the future residents from noise problems''

In a statement , Thekla showed their appreciation for support shown to the campaign .

''We would like to thank everyone who has suported us in our efforts to persuade the Committee to consider the merits in our argument – particularly the amazing people of Bristol, our friends in the music industry and the countless artistes who have posted their support on social media and in the press.''