Wynter is coming: Meet Bahkai Wynter, who’s running for VP of Societies & Communication

We asked SU candidates some revealing questions

Ah, the SU elections. A time of healthy rivalry. A time of unity, companionship and subtle propaganda.

The moment you step onto campus, you are faced with copious amounts of campaign posters- I’m pretty sure Kate Jones has stared into my soul on several occasions (she must know all my secrets, probably why we didn’t get a response when contacting her in regards to this article).

However, we did manage to get into contact with some of the candidates in the running, as I’m sure, like us, you’re absolutely buzzing to get to know them on a more personal level. Rather than asking the same tedious questions, we thought we’d really push the boat out and get them hot under the collar. Could they stand the heat in the kitchen? This is the first article in our series asking our SU election candidates tricky questions, so meet our first victim below.

Bahkai Wynter- Running for Vice President of Societies & Communication

The Tab: Hey Bahkai! Could just briefly outline your pledges and what you wish to achieve?

Bahkai: ‘I aim to make societies a more visible dimension of the university experience. I aim to do this by ramping up levels of digital media content produced at society events: videos, photography, society events and news podcast. I then aim to combine that with an exclusive society focused on social media platforms. I want to get smaller societies on the map, and allow for the enthusiasm for the society program to continue throughout the year- not just during fresher’s fair.’

Fantastic! If you had to take another candidate out on a date, who would you take, where to, and why!

‘Good Lord, one sec- let me check the list again […] If I had to pick I’d probably take Kate Jones on a fishing date. Because she does rowing, so I assume she likes boats.’

What a calculated answer- I’ll work on setting you two up for fishing then. What would you say your favourite club in Bristol is?

‘Club as in society club or nightclub?’


‘My favourite club is definitely Elbow Rooms on Park Street, everyone who knows me knows I cannot stomach walking past there without having a peek inside.’

And what would your drink of choice in the Elbow Rooms be?

‘I usually ask for “the cheapest beer they have on tap.”‘

Classic. Drunk food of choice after a night out?

‘Chips. I’m vegetarian so that’s pretty much my only option.’

Craziest thing you’ve done at uni so far?

‘In my first year me and some friends hopped into a construction site at night and sat inside a shovel truck. Didn’t drive it or anything. Just took some snapchats and left.’

Finally, is a Jaffa cake a cake or biscuit?

‘Most certainly a biscuit.’

So now we know, Bakhai wants to take Kate (running for VP Sports and Health) on a date and he likes fishing. Nice. Good luck in the elections.