It’s official: St Matts named UWE’S most stylish campus

Simple chic powers St Matts to UWE fashion’s most prestigious title.


A close call but clearly Frenchay can’t buy their way to the top of the tables.

The flashy, over-priced labels weren’t enough for success this time. After all we are living in 2013 Bristol, the ‘Jack Wills and Hollister’ is clearly a bit too 2009 Essex for Tab readers to stomach.


The classic Frenchay look wasn’t enough for victory.

However it’s a bit on the embarrassing side for Bower Ashton who find themselves languishing in third place despite being the campus of fashion and arts. Perhaps more studying is in order for the ‘eclectic and arty’ students down at Aston court.


Embarrassing: Voters didn’t appreciate the Ashton aesthetic.

You can’t be surprised by the humiliating 7% Glenside have received, we could barely find the campus let alone anybody stylish. To be fair, UWE does provide their uniform so if anyone’s to blame for the eye burning outfits it’s them.

I’m sure out of uni they’re in their element, ‘call the fashion police’ by day, ‘fashion gurus’ by night.


Glenside left nursing their egos after picking up a meagre 7%

Who would have expected it, old St Matthias at the top of their game with 37%? Drama and film may be seen as doss subjects but who cares when you beat the fashionistas at their own game? No wacky haircuts, no extortionately expensive labels and definitely not boring, St Matts manage to take the title of UWE’s Most Fashionable Campus.


To the victor, the spoils: St Matts clinched the title