Vote Now: UWE’s Most Stylish Campus

We found the best specimens from across UWE, time to decide which is best.

At UWE, more often than not, you can spot somebody’s campus a mile off. There are the practical students of Glenside, the quirky residents of Bower Ashton and the Frenchay prepsters to name but a few.

The time has come to decide which is UWE’s most stylish campus.

St. Matts


Nathan Ellingsworth, Film and Media student

Outfit: Coat – Lazy Oaf, Hoody – American Apparel, Jumper – Long fox, Top – Who clothing, Jeans – Cheap Monday, Shoes – ASOS, Hat – Urban Outfitters.

Three words to describe campus fashion? Relaxed, classic and individual

Wardrobe inspiration? Bands, baggy skater clothing and individual shops.



Phil, Nursing student, Glenside.

Outfit: Uniform provided by UWE

Three words to describe campus fashion? Varied, casual and Neutral

Wardrobe inspiration? Whatever is easy and simple.



Tom, Real estate student, Frenchay. 

Outfit: Top- Ralph Lauren, Jeans – H & M, Shoes- Nike

Three words to describe campus fashion? Chilled, comfy  and preppy.

Wardrobe inspiration? Whatever I fancy chucking together.



Emily, Physio student. 

Outfit: Jeans – River Island, Hoody – New look, Boots – New look.

Three words to describe campus fashion? Trackies, uniform and practical.

Wardrobe inspiration? Time in the morning.



Lucy, Real estate student. 

Outfit: Jumper – Jack wills, Leggings – Topshop, Shoes – Converse.

Three words to describe campus fashion? Mixed, casual and young.

Wardrobe inspiration? None, whatever I want to wear.

St. Matts


Hannah- Jayne Smith, Drama student, St Matthias. 

Outfit: Scarf – Topshop, Top- Urban Outfitters, Jeans – Topshop, Boots – Mum’s 15 year old Dr Martens.

Three words to describe campus fashion? Relaxed, eclectic and geek chic

Wardrobe inspiration? Where I’m from and where I study, Oxford and Bristol, so a combination of both.

Bower Ashton


Maisie Blue Leavy, Fashion student. 

Outfit: Leggings – Boy London (Selfridges), Trainers – H & M, Adidas hoody – Sports shop, Top – Urban Outfitters, Jacket – 10 deep (5 Pointz)

Three words to describe campus fashion? Eclectic, challenging  and bright.

Wardrobe inspiration? Various genres of music and different cultures.

St. Matts


Emily, Drama student.

Outfit: Jumper – H & M, Top – Topshop, Skirt – Urban Outfitters, Shoes – Office.

Three words to describe campus fashion? Eccentric, vivacious and fun

Wardrobe inspiration? Vintage and high fashion magazines such as Vogue.

Bower Ashton


Luke, Animation student

Outfit: Trainers – Soccer sport, Trousers – John Lewis, Top – funeral apparel, Hoody – Topman, Coat – Second hand vintage.

Three words to describe campus fashion? Eclectic, arty and comfortable.

Wardrobe inspiration? I like to take a bit from everywhere.

These students proved how varied and different each UWE campus can be but it’s time to decide which is best.


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