Coventry Campus Style: First term

Since when were Coventry students this fashionable?!

Autumn has officially fallen with the nights getting darker and the essays rolling in, but this hasn't got in the way of these Midlands students expressing their style. Being hungover, strapped for cash or drowned in work is no longer an excuse for uni students as these classic looks are available for the many, not just the few!

This campus style has been composed of effortless, simplistic and affordable fashion that can easily be replicated for all your 9ams.

Ye Weiling, Illustration & Animation

Ye Weiling's bold lipstick, bag and trench coat compliment each other perfectly, adding a splash of colour to an otherwise dull season.

Shallon, Public Health & Nutrition

Where is your favourite place to shop?

Boohoo at the moment is really nice and they have so many student offers available. Also Next is great. I like Primark, but you often find that everyone ends up wearing the same thing!

Richard, Building Surveying

Glasses with warm shades and wider lenses are certainly a fashion staple for students this autumn as they add sophistication and quirk to simplistic outfits, including thick, wooly jumpers.

Yuxin, Creative Media Enterprise

Who's your biggest fashion icon?

Jean Julian.

Blanca Llacer Balleste, Fashion Design

Who's your favourite fashion inspiration? I don't follow the crowd.

Where do you get your fashion? Zara. Though the way they treat their employees is terrible and the quality is not that good for the money.

Jimmy Lim, Engineering

What's the best place in Coventry to buy affordable fashion?

Definitely Primark. There's a huge one right in the middle of the city centre.

Emilie, Employed

What's your favourite clothing shop?

I love second hand shops!

Julia, Criminology & Psychology

Who is your TV fashion icon?

Definitely the cast of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-air'.

Christian, Engineering and Event Management

Who inspires your fashion choices?

I like to stick to my own style.

Damian, Sports Science

What shop best fits your style?

Urm, probably Topman.

Li, Business

Who's your favourite designer?

Michael Kors.

Yuchen Yang, Fine Art

Yuchen's statement oversized jumper, tied together with a plain rose scarf allows her to add layers and textures, without overshadowing the bold patterns of her outfit.

Pictures by @JRichardsonC