Ten punny captions for your graduation post

So you’ve handed in your dissertation, finished your last exam. Now all that’s left is the equally stressful task of devising your Instagram caption

Exam season is upon us; for many, these will be the last university exams you’ll ever sit. With Covid having delayed hundreds of graduation ceremonies, there seem to be alumni gowned up on campus on a bi-weekly basis right now. And of course, we’ve the summer graduations of the class of 2022 yet to come. So if this is you, we’ve got some cringe-worthy captions for your graduation pics.

‘We outta Diss bitch’

One for the sassy student, or even the BNOC. This one definitely exudes main character energy and we’re expecting it to be paired with a photo dump of you tossing your cap in front of The Arches.

Cringe rating: 7/10

‘It just got one degree hotter up in here’

An absolute masterpiece, if we do say ourselves. Extra points if you study chemistry, fashion or anything fire related. Also not majorly overused as of yet, so get on it quick.

Cringe rating: 5/10


“Am gonna sing Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd”. Niche. Count yourself as being part of the in-group if you understand this reference and for having a mint sense of humour. This one will never go out of fashion and neither will that video. Google “Girl sings Cher Lloyd” on YouTube if you’re still lost.

Cringe rating: 1/10

‘Con-grad-ulations to me’

Pair this with a classy emoji and you might just pull it off. Very simple but it gets the job done and isn’t one of the worst play on words we’ve seen.

Cringe rating: 6/10

‘Diss my arse goodbye’

A fitting farewell message to your uni town. Goodbye seems a bit final though; we know you’ll be back in the Toon within a year, 18 months tops.

Cringe rating: 7/10

‘A grad day out’

So good! Very appropriate and a fool proof caption for a grand day out at graduation. Unless you have to sit your divorced parents together for the ceremony due to limited tickets. Awkward, cheers Covid.

Cringe rating: 5/10

‘Eligible Bachelor’

We’re pretty proud of this one. It works if you’re in a relationship but is *chef’s kiss* if you’re single.

Cringe rating: 5/10

‘The tassel was worth the hassle’

Half of us only went to uni to get a picture in a cap and gown at the end of it, the other half went purely for the nights out. If you’ve already picked out your dress, shoes and bag ready to match your gown then this is your pending graduation caption.

Cringe rating: 7/10

‘Diss-graceful/Diss-picable/I’m in diss-pair’

Grasping at straws here, we know. Perhaps a good one if you’re absolutely sick to the back teeth of your dissertation, can’t bear to read it yet another time, are in utter despair about the whole ordeal and are just glad it’s over; this one’s for you.

Cringe rating: 10/10

‘Diss is the end’

Look, we’re trying. Luckily it’s also the end of this article because clearly we’re starting to run dry. Maybe add a little about the end of an era, the end of Newcastle trebs (cry) and Bob’s your uncle. Anything’s better than “Goodbye and good luck”.

Cringe rating: 10/10

In all honestly though, it really doesn’t matter what you write in your instagram caption. Enjoy your graduation and celebrate with your friends and family – that’s what really matters!

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