How to have the best Christmas in your uni flat

Here’s our tips for making the most of Christmas in Newcastle

Whilst the majority of us are currently in the process of going home for Christmas, some of us are staying at uni – probably a smart move if you actually want to meet your deadlines.

Whether you’re isolating and stuck in Newcastle or  you’ve chosen to stay in the Toon as you simply can’t stand your mum’s cooking for yet another year, there are plenty of ways to make Christmas at uni a spectacular one.

Planning is key

The key to any good occasion is good planning and preparation. Ensure you have your favourite breakfast bits in to get the day off to a good start, or even make that fancy breakfast you saved on TikTok a couple weeks ago.

Be prepared with your favourite drinks and snacks – we give you permission to stretch your loan to the fancy M&S cheese puffs. Structuring your day is the best way to guarantee you have things to look forward to from start to finish.

Dig out the oven mitts

When better than to brush up on your culinary skills than at uni without your family judging your every move? This is the perfect time to perfect your roast so you’ll be ready to host your very own Xmas dinner next year.

Cooking your own Christmas dinner is both a challenge and reward in itself, can be very therapeutic and means no fighting over the best yorkies.

Find online Tescos’ super easy recipe for making Christmassy fruit cake – or if you’re not much of a cook you can opt for something really simple, such as a festive hot choc or decorate a Yule log.


One of the best ways to embrace gratitude is to help others in need. There are always numerous volunteering opportunities in Newcastle throughout the year, but especially so at Christmas.

The NUSU website highlights when and where you can volunteer, or keep an eye on the @newcastlesu instagram page for info. There are plenty festive ways you can give back to the community this year, including activities on Christmas Day.

Talk to family or friends

I know – we’ve all grown to despise Zoom after spending more hours there than in the queue for Shaker on a Wednesday night. However, your dusty old Zoom account will really come in handy on Christmas Day to contact family you can’t spend the day with.

Perhaps set up your call in order to eat at the same time to feel like you’re right there at the table, with the added bonus of not having to help wash up.

Alternatively, John from @dinnerwithjohn on TikTok always has a spare seat at his table if you fancy some virtual company while dining. Plus, his recipes are actually banging.

Connect with other students

This might seem like a daunting one but we’ve all been freshers once, right? Reaching out to others in your position may actually do more for them than yourself, but regardless, you definitely won’t be the only one not at home this Christmas.

Castle Leazes Facebook group is full of students from all walks of life and you might just find someone with an extra seat at their Christmas dinner table. Also, reaching out within societies is a good way to connect with people with similar interests and who are spending the holidays at uni.

A simple social media post is enough to discover others in the same position and will make for a really interesting story one day.

Give gifts

Gift giving is no doubt one of the best parts of Christmas (apart from the replacement pair of AirForce under the tree that you’ve been dying for since March).

Whether you do a secret Santa with your housemates, post off Xmas cards to family or donate to a local charity, gift giving is a great way to embrace the festivities and spread the Christmas love. Newcastle Uni’s RAG Society are collecting Christmas stocking gifts for primary school children if you have a few pounds to spare.

Have an Xmas movie day

A quiet, peaceful day with nobody telling you your favourite Christmas film is crap? Sounds like heaven to me. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV are fully stocked with the classics ready for you to binge while eating through a Celebrations tub.

If you’re fancying something more extravagant, take yourself out for a date to watch at the cinemas; Tyneside Cinema are hosting numerous viewings of the classics running up to Christmas Eve to get you in the festive mood, including a viewing of The Holiday providing popcorn and prosecco. AKA, the dream.

Get outside

Getting out of your stuffy flat or student house for fresh air is actually so much more important than you think. A Christmas walk through Jesmond Dene or Heaton Park will lift the spirits immensely. Or even a Christmas picnic at Tynemouth – get imaginative.

A walk through town on Xmas day will give you an entirely different insight of the city, perhaps with some good festive photo opportunities too.

Not wanting to jinx it, but sledging may also be on the cards if we, by miracle, get a white Christmas this year. One can only hope.

Go out for lunch

You’ll be surprised how many pubs and restaurants are open on Christmas Day. You’re highly likely to find a pub open for an Xmas Day pint and from there you’re basically guaranteed to meet some new mates.

People in pubs on Christmas Day are insanely friendly. Spreading that Christmas Joy an all that.

Wherever you are and however you spend your day, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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