Our guide to a perfect flat Christmas dinner

‘Tis the season…

It’s that time of the year when flat Christmas dinners are being made. Whether you’re a Tesco hot counter roast chicken buyer or a homemade everything kind of student, flat Christmas dinners come in all shapes and sizes.

With the end of term right around the corner and everyone set to be heading home for the festive period, we’re here to help you make the best student Christmas dinner you can muster, just before you leave.

Make a List

First things first, there is nothing that could set you up for a disaster more than not writing out a shopping list of all of the necessities you will need to create your festive feast this season.

Gather your housemates up and all make a list of the bits and pieces you will need, from stuffing to pigs in blankets, from sprouts to cauliflower, not forgetting the condiments of course. Also make sure to plan which utensils you will use for each part of the Christmas dinner.

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A pro tip is to buy the cheap foil containers. This way, they’re large enough to cook roast potatoes and even a turkey in and are easy to dispose of, which also saves on the washing up, something no one wants to do.

Also, be budget friendly. You could opt for chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken or turkey. This way, there is still plenty of meat to go around, but a huge amount can be knocked off the total cost when splitting it with your flatmates. Once a list is sorted, the shop will be a breeze seen as though you now know what you need and you wont miss a thing.

Set the vibe

It’s not easy to be in the Christmas spirit at uni, being on a budget and not having many decorations set to be up. However, if you can make the atmosphere a bit more festive then this would be a bonus.

Set the table, buy Christmas crackers and put a fake fire on your TV. This way, you and your flatmates are bound to be more in the spirit. Christmas crackers can be really cheap and make all the difference to the dinner.

If you have a few candles, these can add to the wholesome atmosphere and remember to make a Christmas playlist filled with Michael Bublé and George Michael to really get you in the festive spirit.

Add some tinsel to your living room or try snow spray on your windows (don’t worry you wont lose your deposit; it has been tried and tested).


Cooking can seem like the most stressful part, but don’t worry its not as hard as it seems.

The key to cooking up the best Christmas roast is timing. Make a list of  how long each food item will take to cook. This way, you can work out what needs to go into the oven at what time.

I would start by cooking the  roast potatoes, as these will take the longest. This can the be followed by your meat. Everything else seems to take pretty much the same amount of time, apart from your Yorkshire puddings which can be quickly heated through five minutes before serving.

It may seem as though you don’t have enough room in the oven, and you probably wont, but a great tip is to take things out and cover them in tinfoil in order to keep them hot whist everything else cooks.

Don’t take things out of the oven that need to stay piping hot though, such as meat items. Instead, take out stuffing, cauliflower cheese or vegetables.

Another tip – don’t put things in the oven that don’t need to go in there. You can cook most of your vegetables on the hob, and they still taste just as great. Make sure to season your vegetables with salt, pepper, rosemary and anything else you desire.

Secret Santa

A great way to bring the festive cheer, whilst being on a student budget is to organise a secret Santa with your flatmates. Set a budget of £5 and draw names using a random generator or from a hat.

By setting a budget, you don’t need to worry about cost. From toilet plungers to sardines, me and my housemates had a great time gift giving this festive season and you should too.

However you do your Christmas dinner, we hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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