NU Ski and Snowboard Club are ‘Running to the Alps’ to raise money for the RVI

Members of the society are aiming to fundraise almost £3000 after the RVI treated a member’s life-threatening injuries

A first-year Newcastle University student and Newcastle University Ski and Society (NUSSC) member was treated at the Royal Victoria Infirmary after suffering a life-threatening head injury that led him to be comatose for a month.

NUSSC is therefore aiming to fundraise £2000 for the RVI with a “Run to the Alps”.

Ben Thomas, a first-year Newcastle University student and NUSSC member is furthermore aiming to raise an extra £600 for the Neurological Intensive Care Unit (Ward 18) at the RVI. Ward 18 treated the injured student.

The student’s mother said: “My son had an unfortunate accident at the beginning of March where he sustained a severe head injury, resulting in a coma and him needing life support.”

“He was in RVI Newcastle for over a month, was then moved to FVRH Larbert and is now starting the long road to recovery at home with his parents.”

“Run to the Alps” and the goal to run a total of 954 miles is inspired by the distance between Newcastle and Alpe d’Huez, the planned destination for Newcastle University’s 2020 Easter ski trip.

During the month of May, the society members will be running a total of 954 miles between them. The miles will be tracked with the help of the fitness app Strava. The society’s progress is visible to the public in the group “NUSSC club”. The club has run a total of 449 kilometres (279 miles) thus far.

Derya Us, a second-year Newcastle University student and NUSSC member said: “This fundraiser is really important to us. It is more than just supporting our local hospital, we’re running to show how grateful we are that our friend is alive.”

“The RVI achieved this incredible care despite the overwhelming strain the pandemic has put on the NHS, putting him on the road to a remarkable recovery. Almost everyone in the club has come together to become a part of this fundraiser. It has enabled us to see the love and friendship we have within our society.”

The JustGiving page to donate to NUSSC’s “Run to the Alps” can be found here.

Ben Thomas’ JustGiving page to donate to Ward 18 specifically can be found here.