Theresa Merkel

Quiz: Tell us your lockdown routine and we’ll guess your favourite club

We know you better than you know yourself

£9k flights home, wrist monitors and clubs reopening: Life as a Brit in Hong Kong right now

Okay but to be fair, flights home to HK cost up to 9 grand!!!

Northumbria Police issued cautions to PT and Northumbria student in racist videos

“Both individuals apologised for their behaviour and were remorseful over the impact of their actions”

John Lewis investigating Northumbria student employee following racist videos

John Lewis & Partners and Northumbria University have launched formal investigations

‘F*ck them P*kis’: Newcastle PT and Northumbria law student in racist abuse videos

Northumbria University has reported the incident to the police and is undertaking an internal investigation

NU Ski and Snowboard Club are ‘Running to the Alps’ to raise money for the RVI

Members of the society are aiming to fundraise almost £3000 after the RVI treated a member’s life-threatening injuries

Meet the Newcastle student behind the ‘egg a day’ TikTok account

Truly eggcelent content

You can only say you’ve lived in Jesmond if you’ve done these eight things

Jesmond over literally anywhere else

Here are the candidates for Editor of the Courier in the NUSU 2020 Elections

Who will you vote for?

We asked Newcastle students to show us the best note on their phone and it’s jokes

“I’wm suoooooo driuwnk cqn u gwt me a Trewb”

Lunch places in the Toon that won’t break the bank

We got your scran covered

We asked freshers at Newcastle Uni what they really think of one night stands

‘Sorry for the shit reply, I’ve been in prison’

We planned your uni outfits for a week so you don’t have to

Save the joggers for Friday

Jesmond, Geordie Shore and trebs: All the things you’ll find to be true when you move to Newcastle uni

You can get five avocados in Grainger Market for £1!!!!

Clubbers of the Week

A picture is worth a thousand words

What it’s really like to come to uni with your friends from home

A blessing or a curse?

Builders, post-it notes and dodgy hobs: Everything you know if you live in Park View

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