We planned your uni outfits for a week so you don’t have to

Save the joggers for Friday

Some of you may still make the effort to look cute every day, whereas others have inevitably accepted that going to lectures in pyjamas is ok. To make life easier for everyone, this guide will save you 20 minutes in the morning – hit that snooze button one more time, you deserve it!

Monday – Sporty spice

"Yeah Gym was good, reached my personal best on the treadmill today", you lie to cover up the fact that you rolled out of bed 15 minutes ago. But who could tell with those bags under your eyes? #comeatmemonday

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Tuesday – Made in Chels… oops we mean Newcastle

We all have that one friend that seems to roll out bed in a perfect outfit every morning, you know exactly who we're talking about (extra points if they carry their MacBook around with them like it's an accessory). Tuesday stands for fresh beginnings (Monday doesn't really count), try dressing like that friend for one day this week, even if it means putting together an outfit the night before. We believe in you.

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Wednesday – I took a Gap Yahhhhh

This outfit is reminiscent of your days feeding Elephants in Thailand. The bra straps imitate the bikini you wore whilst sipping coconuts in Bali. The sunglasses are for your hangover, post Waikiki Tuesday (#BTECgapyah) to complete the look. It's time for another throwback Instagram post you think to yourself, just in case anyone forgot you did indeed take a Gap year.

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Thursday – I'm a Rah rah rah

Headband, flared trousers, puffa, worn out shoes. You won't admit it but you have always secretly dreamed of dressing like someone who lives in Castle Leazes. Follow the vibe and dress like you're in the process of finding yourself, maybe you'll get a step closer?

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Friday – I wasn't going to go to this lecture

What's the worst thing that could happen after Swingers Thursday? Having lectures on Friday. Although you told yourself you would just skip it and it wouldn't be a big deal, your voice of conscience tells you otherwise. Wearing Joggers is acceptable on Friday, it's almost the weekend.

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