Here are the candidates for Editor of the Courier in the NUSU 2020 Elections

Who will you vote for?

Introducing the candidates for the role of Editor of the Courier 2020. They will edit the uni newspaper and act as a head of media, also overseeing NSR and NUTV for the year.

Rory Ewart

• Current Sport Editor of the Courier

“I’m really keen to look for ways that the Courier can grow from its strong foundations to a media outlet that works for students in 2020. This means that looking at growing its platforms for students is a top priority.”

Main manifesto points:

  1. Changing the location of writers’ meetings to a more accessible area of main campus
  2. Introducing a marketing manager for the newspaper with the guarantee of revamping the marketing of the Courier
  3. Reviewing of budgets with looking toward a digital marketing grant for each branch of student media
  4. Well-being trained members of NUTV, NSR and the Courier, with weekly-arranged ‘drop-in’ sessions
  5. Undertaking a feasibility study into the creation of a mobile application for the Courier


20 Questions With Rory Ewart

It's video time! I'm asked (around) 20 "unexpected" questions to see what I can offer as your Editor of the Courier next year. If you enjoy please give it a share!#EwartForEditor

Posted by Rory Ewart – #1 Courier Editor on Monday, 9 March 2020

Aimee Seddon

• Current News Editor of the Courier

“I want this role, because I love our student media, but I want it to play a bigger part in all student’s lives. My main aim is to improve student engagement across campus, and I believe I have what it takes to do this! So vote Aimee for Editor!”

Main manifesto points:

  1. Distribution in halls
  2. Play NSR in appropriate cafés around campus
  3. Include coupons in the paper
  4. Improved socials and workshops with writers
  5. Introduce a societies column


Aim(ee) for the stars with Aimee Seddon for Editor!

Here it is, my campaign video!!! Watch to see my top four manifesto points, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it! So Aim(ee) for the stars and vote Aimee Seddon for Editor on the 16th March! #SEDforED(p.s. thank you to all my lovely friends for helping, especially my clever camera friends Alec Boyd and Nuala Fowler, love you all xxxx)

Posted by Vote Aimee Seddon for Editor on Monday, 9 March 2020


Molly Greeves

• Current Deputy Editor of the Courier

“I want student media to benefit everyone, and I think my manifesto policies will help achieve this. So for a better Courier and a a better uni, vote Molly Greeves #1 for Editor!”

Main manifesto points:

  1. Conduct more investigations that hold the University to account and improve student life
  2. Feature the work of not just writers but artists, photographers and social media managers
  3. Give you a head start in the journalism industry by providing talks, feedback and workshops
  4. Reduce the Courier’s impact on the environment

It's here baby!Combining my love of 80s style, my idiot friends and this wonderful newspaper, here is my campaign…

Posted by Vote Molly Greeves #1 For Editor of the Courier on Sunday, 1 March 2020

Joe Holloran

• Current Film Subeditor for the Courier

“I am running for editor of the Courier because I know I can use my practical experience and academic knowldge to make the student media at Newcastle University the best it can be. I hope students put their faith in me and vote for me on March 16th.”

Main manifesto points:

  1. Establishment of a brand-new international news page
  2. Creation of a ‘your voice’ page
  3. Live coverage of sports and society events
  4. Expansion and promotion of NSR
  5. Free media skills training for all!

Ella Williams

• Current Senior Culture Editor for the Courier

“After three years of heavy involvement with the Courier, I think this paper needs someone creative with an eye for design, experience in all forms of media and a flair for innovation to make this paper relevant uni-wide. I’m really proud of the things that student media produces, and that’s is something I want to share.”

Main manifesto points:

  1. Dedicated relationships section, including a longer ‘Blind Date’, an ‘Agony Aunt’ and ‘Campus Crush’
  2. More week-to-week and writer-to-reader connection: bigger, better puzzles section, more writer feedback and a section for comments and critiques from writers
  3. Better distribution including student halls and better tracking in order to reduce paper waste
  4. New pull out magazine-style section
  5. Appreciating student talent in all forms, including photography, illustration, creative writing, poetry and art

well – here she is! Keeping it short and sweet, please spare 60 seconds of your time for an idea of what a vote for Ella could mean for the Courier. Thanks to all who helped with this, you're all wonderful and I enjoyed editing your lovely faces. If you're new to me and my campaign, feel free to drop me a message with any questions at all. I care about this paper so much and I want want to share that uni-wide: that’s the big idea! 💛 Please help make that happen by giving this a SHARE and a Vote on March 16th. Big love x

Posted by Ella for Editor on Monday, 9 March 2020


Rebecca Johnson

• Current Head of Sport Editor of the Courier

“If you want a better student newspaper with more coverage, investigative journalism and more opportunities to get involved with student media, remember to vote Rebecca #1 on March 16!”

Main manifesto points:

  1. Bigger online presence for the Courier: reintroduce online editors for current affairs, life and style, culture and sports sections
  2. Better marketing for student media: make sure all branches of student media have recognisable branding around campus and also contact academic schools to promote student media opportunities
  3. More collaboration between branches of student media: give students the chance to work with all branches of student media
  4. More investigative journalism: ensure that all areas of student media have the opportunity to hold the University to account and produce engaging stories
  5. More sport and society coverage: increase the awareness of what sports clubs and societies are up to


Voting opens at midday on 16th March and closes at midday on 19th March. You can cast your votes for the Courier Editor and all the other sabbatical roles on the NUSU website here.