Introducing DeuxMoi, the celebrity gossip account on Instagram you NEED to follow

it’s like Gossip Girl… but in real life

Pictures of celebrity sightings, baby name predictions and behind the scenes stories about what goes on in the private life of A-listers – the anonymous Instagram page ‘DeuxMoi’ has truly become the real life Gossip Girl.

Although the bio clearly states that the account “does not claim any information published is based in fact”, tips sent to DeuxMoi in recent months have forecasted everything from blossoming relationships, unannounced pregnancies and even secret divorces – the type of unconfirmed gossip you definitely won’t find in the mainstream media.

The account only took off in March 2020 as a result of lockdown boredom and has dramatically increased its following from 45,000 at the start of pandemic to 639,000 today.

“I just sort of threw out a question: ‘You guys have any celeb encounters that you want to share?’ And that’s literally how it started”, the anonymous New Yorker behind DeuxMoi told The New York Times. Followers include celebrities like the Hadid sisters, illustrating that even those engrossed in pop culture themselves are hooked on what DeuxMoi has to share.

The entire premise of the account bases around tips that are sent to DeuxMoi via anonymous email or DMs, which are then screenshotted and shared via her Instagram story, disappearing after 24 hours of being posted. Many tippers claim to be assistants, friends, or merely people who somehow have access to insider knowledge.

Watching DeuxMoi’s stories feels like gaining an insight into the undocumented aspects of pop culture, reaffirming that despite fame, celebrities are just normal people with weird hobbies and preferences like us. Who would’ve thought that Chris Evans always orders the same ham sandwich in his local sandwich shop in Massachusetts? And why do I so desperately want to know what Timothée Chalamet’s Starbucks order is?

DeuxMoi told The New York Times: “I love to know, like, J. Lo’s restaurant order or what brand shampoo Jennifer Aniston really uses.

“I feel like you’re not really getting that information anywhere, and this is coming straight from the people who have served them or worked with them.”

Some of our favourite recent DeuxMoi tips include the reveal of Harry Styles’ rumoured relationship with fellow co-star Olivia Wilde, which was shared on the Instagram account before the news broke out on media outlets.

DeuxMoi also shared predictions of a famous A-list celebrity couple allegedly getting a divorce, shortly before the still unconfirmed news surrounding Kimye came out. Despite DeuxMoi blurring out names “to protect the identity of the accused, turning them into blind items rather than potentially expose a celebrity to a serious allegation that may or may not be true”, the surfacing of such news stories, many of which were priorly ‘outed’ on the Instagram account don’t seem to shock followers.

A story shared by DeuxMoi earlier today also predicts a remake of ‘The Bodyguard’ film, which came out in 1992 starring Whitney Houston. According to the anonymous tip, the remake will star Cardi B alongside Channing Tatum.

DeuxMoi doesn’t claim to be a reporter, telling The New York Times: “I just ask the reader to be discerning and, you know, decide for themselves if they think it’s true or not.” Whether or not the stories shared end up becoming true, they definitely provide entertainment and a form of escapism from the current bleak every-day life; and if it’s good enough for Gigi and Bella, it sure is good enough for me.

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