Chloe Ferry faces backlash after coming back from Dubai for a ‘change in routine’

Imagine complaining about not gyming enough on holiday amid a pandemic

Influencers have recently received extensive backlash for escaping lockdown regulations to jet off to Dubai or the Caribbean, sharing pictures of themselves soaking up the sun, flaunting colourful bikinis and sipping on expensive cocktails, whilst the rest of us are stuck at home in our pyjamas, re-watching Series 2 of Love Island for the 12th time.

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry is no stranger to receiving negative backlash, having posted questionable Instagram captions such as: “Happiest when I’m on the beach” and “Not coming home”, as the UK went into its third lockdown.

Via @chloegshore1 on Instagram

In a story posted to Instagram on Saturday, Chloe expressed: “I’m back home in a few days and I’m not going to lie, I’m actually really excited.”

According to The Mirror, the reality star added “that she is looking forward to getting back into ‘training and eating healthy every day’ after getting ‘out of her routine’ in Dubai”.

People have taken to social media to express their anger regarding Chloe’s lack of “routine” in Dubai, with a user tweeting: “Truth be told she’s only coming back cause there are rumours of boarders closing, very selfish of her saying that with all NHS staff and all key workers that don’t get a break and haven’t had one since the first lockdown”.

Matt Hancock criticised holidaymakers on the BBC yesterday morning, reiterating: “International travel, right now, should not be happening unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“No parties in Paris or weekends in Dubai. That is not on and in most cases it’s against the law.”

Additionally, there has been an uproar against influencers justifying their trips abroad by saying their holidays are ‘necessary’ for work. Love Island’s Olivia Attwood has spoken out about this, urging people to unfollow influencers that are doing so, resulting micro-celebrities including Amber Gill to have lost 24k followers in the last month.

Dubai has become the hotspot destination among influencers, “promoting itself as the ideal pandemic-friendly vacation spot while coronavirus infections skyrocketed”.

However, following a rise in local cases, Dubai’s tourism department announced last Thursday that there would be an immediate halt to all live entertainment, hotels and restaurants. Will this be the end of influencers flouting lockdown rules?

Featured Image via Instagram @chloegshore1

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