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Ranked: The reality stars who have lost thousands of followers whilst in Dubai

Anton lost 15k followers in the last month

Whilst the majority of the UK is hidden away at home, in trackies with Netflix on repeat, a number of influencers and reality stars have descended upon Dubai.

Cast members from Love Island, TOWIE and Too Hot To Handle have been sharing pictures on Instagram of their bikini clad Dubai adventures. And people have quite frankly had enough.

Olivia Attwood, along with many people on Twitter and Instagram, called out the influencers who were breaking lockdown rules claiming to be in Dubai for work. Olivia encouraged people to unfollow them and it may have worked.

At least 10 reality stars have seen a dramatic drop in their follower count in the last month following their trips to Dubai. However it is unclear if this is merely just a coincidence or people have decided to unfollow them for their lavish trips.

These are the reality stars who have lost the most followers whilst in Dubai:

Chloe Veitch

via Instagram @chloeveitchofficial

Followers lost in past 30 days: 25k

Chloe Veitch from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle is currently in Dubai with fellow cast member Nicole O’Brien and Love Islander Georgia Harrison.

She’s posted a number of photos and videos from her trip which she appears to have been on since the beginning of December. In the last 30 days Chloe has lost an incredible 25k followers.

Amber Gill

via Instagram @amberrosegill

Followers lost in past 30 days: 24k

Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gill has lost nearly 25k followers in the last month. She appears to have been in Dubai since Christmas and has posted a number of videos and photos of her time there.

Amber faced criticism on social media at the beginning of this year for promoting her weight loss journey and fitness plan.

Anton Danyluk

via Instagram @anton_danyluk

Followers lost in past 30 days: 15k

Anton has been in Dubai for what feels like forever, he appeared to jet out in early December and has been keeping his followers updated with his stay.

Over the past month Anton has lost 15,000 followers, however he has defended his decision to travel to Dubai and said he was working on a number of business opportunities.

He said: “I just want to clear up from my point of view. I came out here at the start of December when travel restrictions weren’t in place.

“I was only meant to be here for a week. There’s a few business opportunities that have happened out here which you will see in a few weeks.”

Laura Anderson

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

Followers lost in past 30 days: 13k

Like Anton, Laura Anderson has responded to the backlash reality stars were facing over their travel decisions. She said she travelled to Dubai for her mental health and to earn money as she isn’t a “millionaire”.

In the past 30 days Laura has lost just over 13k followers from her Instagram, however Laura has now returned home to Scotland and is in quarantine.

Wes Nelson

via Instagram @wes.nelson

Followers lost in past 30 days: 13k

Ex-Love Islander Wes has recently rebranded himself as a music artist and released a song last year that went viral on TikTok. However his music has not been enough to keep his followers as like Laura he has lost over 13,000 on Instagram in the last month.

Wes has been rather quiet on social media but did post a picture last week of himself in Dubai in the sand dunes.

Kaz Crossley

via Instagram @kazcrossley

Followers lost in past 30 days: 8k

Kaz has been in Dubai since October and therefore classed as a “resident”, according to The Guardian.

Her Instagram is full of pictures and videos from luxury locations in Dubai, however in the last month she’s lost nearly 10,000 followers from the platform.

Nicole O’Brien

via Instagram @nicole.ob

Followers lost in past 30 days: 8k

Too Hot To Handle’s Nicole has been partying in Dubai with her cast mate Chloe, and has been posting a lot on Instagram since she arrived there in late December.

Her followers may not be too keen on the photos of her however as she has lost over 8,000 followers in the last 30 days.

Francesca Allen

via Instagram @francesca_allen

Followers lost in past 30 days: 6k

Francesca was only on Love Island in 2019 for 10 days and yet she managed to get over 500,000 followers from her appearance on the show.

In the last few weeks she’s posted a number of pictures from her time in Dubai, however it could have put followers off her content, as she’s lost over 6,000 in the last month.

James Lock

via Instagram @jameslock__

Followers lost in past 30 days: 2k

TOWIE cast member James Lock has been in Dubai for a number of weeks, but claims to be working there.

His Instagram feed has been full of photos of him on nights out in Dubai, but he may be getting less likes on them now, as he’s lost over 2,000 followers in the last few weeks.

Gabby Dawn Allen

via Instagram @gabbydawnallen

Followers lost in past 30 days: 2k

Similarly to James Lock, Love Islander Gabby has lost over 2,000 followers whilst she’s in Dubai.

Gabby has been in the country for a number of weeks, after telling her followers on Instagram she had gone there with her boyfriend as his business was based there.

Featured image credits via Instagram @chloeveithofficial, @anton_danyluk, @kazcrossley

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