Dealers slip cards promoting ‘brain blaster’ drugs into halls where two students died

The card is just one of many drug dealer cards slipped into first-year accommodations

First-year students currently living at Newcastle University halls have experienced cards being slipped under flat doors by drug dealers, advertising “brain blaster” drugs up for sale. This comes just after three students died from suspected ketamine and MDMA usage on Saturday.

Cards like these, promoting a variety of drugs, have been slipped under doors of Park View university accommodation and are still circulating today despite the recent deaths of two Newcastle University students.

The cards provide students with information to purchase drugs and instruct them to “throw me away please” if the information found on the cards “isn’t for you”.

Josie, a first-year Marketing student living at Park View, where two students tragically lost their lives last weekend, told The Newcastle Tab: “My flatmates and I moved in the day the news came out, so all of our parents were quite reluctant to leave us and I think people have been messaging home a lot more frequently than if it hadn’t happened to let them know they’re okay.

“As far as I know most students have just been drinking since hearing the news and that police are searching rooms.

“It’s definitely a bit of a reality check that these things do really happen so close by.”

Another student told The Chronicle she started spotting the drug dealer cards “just days after we got here. When you go to the account there are images of drugs and they tell you what they sell.”

Northumbria Police have been patrolling the student accommodation and searching students’ flats as part of their increased presence since the deaths.

There have been 11 arrests so far in connection with the four suspected drug related deaths that occurred this weekend.

Police urge anyone with information on the dealers to contact Northumbria Police on the 101 number, or anonymously via Crimestoppers.

If you have been affected by the contents of this article, Newcastle University’s Wellbeing services are available here.

For honest information about drugs, visit

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