These Newcastle students made a ‘Jesopoly’ drinking game

‘You’ve remembered the condom in your wallet – get out of New Croft free’

With tight restrictions in place in the North East, the first couple of weeks back in halls and student houses have proven to be quite a bleak time when compared to past years experiences. How one tackles boredom during this time ranges all the way from trying to become Tiktok famous to finding the best banana bread recipe on the internet – but these two Newcastle Uni students instilled their boredom into creativity and birthed their own drinking-game version of Monopoly.

Polly, a third year Architecture student and Katy, a second year Psychology and Sports science student told The Newcastle Tab: “We were reminiscing playing board games in lockdown and we thought if a second lockdown happens Jesopoly would really raise the roof.

“After eight hours of work, we have made the mothership of all board games for the people of Jesmond. With the king of Jesmond Mr Francesca at the heart of the board, the game features all the hotspots of Jesmond through a Newcastle student’s eyes as well as some bonus features.

“Starting by collecting your student loan and downing your drink at Go, you’re ready to spend every penny true student style. The infamous New Croft centre (Jail), free parking permits, lost student ID fines, Toon tickets (Community Chest) and Chance cards are only a few of the game’s delights.

“With the heavyweight Bar Blanc coming in at 400 Jesopoly Pounds vs a mere 60 for the Robbo, you may think that steering clear of the cheaper real estate could win you the game. However, property such as the Robbo and the Marj come with a hefty price of six sips for any unlucky visitor.

“Rent is paid in sips, as shown by the property card.”

Although they have not yet finished the game with a winner because at least one person has ended up “blackout drunk on the floor”, they assure that this game is guaranteed to be more fun than the original Monopoly.

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