Meet the Newcastle student behind the ‘egg a day’ TikTok account

Truly eggcelent content

A few months ago you promised yourself that you would never download TikTok. This promise was very likely justified by thinking that you’re too old for the app and have already had your time with Vine. However, isolation boredom has now definitely reached a point where you’ve probably given in to the hype to try and understand what it’s all about. The “Renegade Dance” has been learnt, addictions have been formed and lectures are most definitely not being recapped.

A second year Newcastle Uni student fell into the same trap, when he downloaded TikTok earlier this year. He told us: “I was procrastinating at the Robbo during January exams, having recently discovered the fascinating world of TikTok. It’s the sort of shite that ends up blowing up on there that got me thinking: how hard could it really be? These thoughts naturally progressed to me betting one of my course mates that I could get a few views if I ate an egg on screen… and the rest, as they say, is history.”

On day one he filmed himself eating salad cream on a hard boiled egg and vowed to do so with different toppings for 365 days. It’s now May and @eggaday has a follower count of 15.5K and a total of 217.7K likes. The Newcastle Uni student has just surpassed 100 days and filmed himself drinking a celebratory egg smoothie to commemorate this “milestone”.

He describes day 50 to be the “peak of his career”, which featured him drinking a raw egg due to popular demand from his followers. This TikTok reached almost 400.000 people.

When asked, if he thought that his videos would reach so much attention he replied: “Of course I knew, it was a CrAcKinG idea.”

Unfortunately, the student who wishes to stay anonymous as the boy behind @eggaday does not see a future in this niche TikTok category: “This interview has made me realise I took the joke too far… I have now eaten an egg for 100 days in a row – I feel like that’s quite enough to prove a point and can safely say I won the original bet.”

He furthermore added that he is willing to place a bet that no-one else at Newcastle University will be able to compete the same feature.

Although TikTok has seemingly taken over some of our lives, the question remains: how far are you willing to go to get onto the “For You” page and experience a moment of fame? Thanks to @eggaday we now know what combinations to absolutely avoid, toothpaste and dog food definitely ranking high on that list.

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