Student business Moments Labelling is donating 50% of profits to Movember

‘Don’t always take ‘yeah mate I’m fine’ as gospel’

Moments Labelling, a sustainable streetwear brand run by third-year Business Management student Jack Peck, is donating 50% of profits to Movember this month. 

Movember is an annual event during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male suicide. The event involves the growing of moustaches to show support for the cause. 

Jack told The Newcastle Tab: “The most important charity to me right now is Movember. I, like many blokes, have a great group of mates that help me through tough times. However I don’t think that as blokes it’s as easy to say: ‘Mate I actually need a hand with this’ or ‘Mate can you just sit down and listen, this isn’t as easy as I am letting on.’

“Mental health is a killer in young men my age and it’s overlooked as a problem. So whether you’re 6”10 and built like a brick, or 5”1 and a marathon runner, it’s important to be involved and present in your own mental welfare and make it known when you need help. 

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“Following this, I’ve decided that for the month of November I will be giving away 50% of Moments Labelling’s profits to Movember.

“I couldn’t have been more touched at the support I’ve had from the ‘Bro’s’ to use Movember’s name for them. If this is a small thing I can do to give back, I couldn’t be happier to do it. Without the ‘Bro’s’, Moments Labelling would be dead in the water before it even started. 

“Secondly, I want to raise awareness – not just in November but all year, be there for your boys (and the girls) but don’t always take ‘yeah mate I’m fine’ as gospel. The best quote I’ve seen recently is ‘check on your mates that are always smiling’; and this couldn’t be more true.

“If anyone, whether I have met you or not, feels like they don’t have anyone and are going through something and just need to vent – don’t feel alone. There are people to talk to and I want to stress that the Moments Labelling’s DMs are open to anyone that just wants to chat or vent, or needs an ear – I will be on the phone to anyone who needs it.”

Via @momentslabelling on Instagram

Moments Labelling was started by Jack in July 2020 over a drunken conversation during the lockdown. He collaborates with university creatives to showcase their designs on sustainable streetwear garments in the form of a “drop” concept accompanied by the Moments Labelling Originals line.

Jack told The Newcastle Tab: “Moments Labelling is essentially about doing something different and working with people that have amazing talents and celebrating them; it isn’t a grind or a side hustle as some people have been calling it, it’s literally a ‘you’re cool and you’re talented, let’s make some really cool clothes and put it out there so other people can enjoy it’.”

Via @momentslabelling on Instagram

The most rewarding part of Moments Labelling for Jack has been the ability to share the creatives’ work with a wider audience and consequently helping local charities through giving profits to them: “I’m not talented, artistically I couldn’t draw a straight line if my life depended on it… however I am currently working with some of the most talented individuals in Newcastle and it’s growing me as a person to perceive things outside of the box, I really like the sense of purpose it’s given me and the ability to help others.”

Moments Labelling’s website can be found here.

Samaritans provide confidential, non-judgemental emotional support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair. You can call them 24/7 on 116 123 or send an email to [email protected] Find out more at:

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