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Lunch places in the Toon that won’t break the bank

We got your scran covered

Looking for a student friendly place to have a meal with your pals? Scared to open your online banking app to see the dent Freshers' Week has created? These few tips will satisfy your craving for a good meal out in the Toon without adding more stress to your overdraft, you can thank us later x

Les Petits Choux

The perfect walking distance from Uni, even better prices. Les Petits Choux is our favourite pick if you want to treat yourself to Breakfast or Lunch inbetween lectures. Top tip: the flatbreads are delish and all the cakes and pastries are made freshly everyday. Most options are priced between £2-£6, we stan!

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A long loved Newcastle Student staple – Shijos' Katsu Curry. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. Shijo is located at Haymarket AND at both Newcastle and Northumbria University SUs, so there really isn't any excuse not to try it. The best £5 you will ever spend in your life. Top tip: you get 10 mini spring rolls for £2 #gapyearvibes

Café Bar One

A cute find in Jesmond Dene that will satisfy your cravings after a big night out for under £10. Pancakes, French Toast, Ciabatta melts – you name it, you can probably find it here. Top tip: they also offer many Vegan options (did you know that Vegan black pudding exists? Because we didn't before coming here) so take all your pals, they cater for everyone.

Pizza Punks

You love Pizza, we love Pizza – everybody loves Pizza. Get unlimited Pizza toppings for £10 at Pizza Punks on Grey Street, we won't judge you for how creative or weird you get (unless you're like my friend and enjoy banana slices on your Margherita Pizza, that screams insanity).

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Who needs to cut carbs when you can cut pizza?

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Fancy something a little more special? Get your Sushi and Gyoza fix at Nudo. With locations on Northumberland Street (and in Jesmond), Nudo also qualifies as a perfect lunch spot for when you're at Uni. You can get a big variety box of Sushi for £7 (even Vegetarian and Vegan!), which will definitely fill you up. Top tip: a lot of options are half-price if you go between 7-8pm, take all my money! (Thank you for the tip @rozevans_, please don't sue us for exposing your hack)

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