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Armed police have barricaded a house on Osborne Terrace

It’s currently surrounded by Police 4x4s

A house in South Jesmond has been barricaded by police, looking to speak to a suspected criminal.

The property which is on Osborne Terrace, a popular street for students. It is however, unknown whether the suspect is a student or not.

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A second year Northumbria University Law Student who lives on Osborne Terrace spoke to The Newcastle Tab.

He said: “The riot squad have been shouting things like we don’t want to hurt you and just come to the window with nothing in your hands.”

He described the police as being very heavily armed, with three BMW X5s at the front of the property, two at the rear of the property and a Vauxhall Astra barricading the entrance to Osborne Terrace at the Sandyford Road roundabout.

The Newcastle Tab understands that Osborne Terrace remains temporarily closed to pedestrians and motorists alike, whilst the police handle the situation.

We will update this story as we hear more.