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Are you a silent study gal or a collaborative type of guy? It’s time to vote for the best seat in the Robbo

Have your say in the lifelong contentious debate

It's exam season, which means the Robbo is swarmed with stressed out students who are cramming a whole module into a week's revision.

One of the most debated issues of our time amongst Newcastle Uni students is which is the best seat in the Robbo, for multiple reasons your seat has been proven to make or break your revision session.

The options are endless, chilled out basement, stresshead fourth floor or silent study on 3rd floor which you are guaranteed to see everyone you have ever met at uni.

The seat selection:

Basement collaborative

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Pros: cheap coffee/hot choc/snack machine, whiteboards to pretend to do effective revision on, no one will kill you if you eat crisps loudly, very chilled vibe

Cons: doubts on the amount of revision you will achieve, trek to the nearest water fountain, no natural lighting means you have no interaction with the outside world, smells of sweaty students and who the fuck turned the heating on so high?

Ground floor collaborative

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Pros: close to the most expensive panini you are guaranteed to pay for, comfy sofas to de-stress, quick exit to run away from responsibilities

Cons: who actually sits here?

Third floor silent study

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Pros: some effective revision will be achieved, can distract yourself with people-watching, natural light means you'll feel slightly more human

Cons: YOU WILL SEE EVERYONE YOU ARE HOPING NOT TO SEE – awkward and stressful encounters with your exes are very unnecessary during exam season! No revision break snacks

Fourth floor silent study

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Pros: most likely to find a seat here in exam season, guaranteed a strong 2:1 in your exams

Cons: usually full of stressed final years, lack of spinny chairs, no coffee or vending machines, sense of stress in the air

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