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There has been backlash on Twitter over Newcastle mumps thread

Not everyone saw the funny side

Yesterday, The Newcastle Tab reported on a viral Twitter thread started by club night Oops offering a prize for the best mumps faces, but there has been some backlash.

The original tweet explained how they would offer mumps sufferers the chance to win an ASOS gift card and some other prizes if they shared the best picture of their 'mumps head'.

After hundreds of entries, the thread started to get traction and more people began to laugh along at the thread.

However, not everyone saw the lighter side of the thread. Caroline Hirons a famous aesthetician and skincare expert took to Twitter to show her anger at the thread.

Many of her 83,000 Twitter followers, also sent messages to Oops disagreeing with the funny side of mumps, with some users saying "what next, giving away cinema tickets for chemo?"

Oops replied to Caroline wishing her son a full recovery and explaining how there was no malice intended.

The Newcastle Tab contacted Oops directly and they told us that:

"The thread was only started as a joke from someone who usually came down to the club night who had mumps themselves and couldn't come.

"I posted two tweets in the thread and people just responded with their pictures, I didn’t expect it to go as wild as it did.

"The negative comments I've got I've responded to. And even though people have said some negative comments for putting it up, I think that fact it's got so much attention, and from the comments I've read it seems people didn’t even think mumps was a thing anymore. And are shocked by what happens.

"So if it bring awareness that people should keep up with their boosters etc. it's a good thing surely?"

Information on mumps can be found on the NHS website.

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