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Mumps is going round Newcastle and there’s a Twitter thread of before and after pics

Swollen cheeks out for the boys

It seems there is somewhat of a 'mumps epidemic' going round Newcastle with lots of students being diagnosed over the last month or so.

One of the noticeable symptoms of mumps is a swollen face and these students are seeing the lighter side of the illness and showing off their best pics.

The tweet started by club night Oops, has shown the sense of humour of Newcastle students, creating a long thread of people's before and after pics.

The initial tweet from Oops, showed them offering mumps sufferers the chance to win an ASOS gift card and some other prizes if they shared the best picture of their 'mumps head'.

And here are some of our favourite entries:

Same hair, different face


Peep the camera roll on the last photo, mumps stops no shoots

Come fly off my chin with me

He literally has two faces

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Dear god

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No, we agree with you there, this is not normal


2020 let's have ya


When will the face stop growing?!?!?!?

Oops decided to then make three people winners for being able to see the lighter side of mumps.

Niamh took first place and can we really argue?!

Look at the size of her face. Oops tweeted: "you look like an emoji".

Liv came in second place, winning £50. Some compensation for having a swollen face for a week we guess.

Matt came in third, being told: "with mumps you look like Ed Milliband". Is there a compliment in there somewhere?

We think you're all winners for embracing the turbulent weeks and sharing the pictures for everyone to have a laugh at.