Vicky Mepstead
Co-Editor of The Newcastle Tab

There has been backlash on Twitter over Newcastle mumps thread

Not everyone saw the funny side

Flying dildo at Newcastle Bongo’s Bingo rips girls eyelashes out

That’s bound to hurt

‘Looks another Warwick about to happen’: I was stalked at uni, but my stalker was allowed to stay

A leaked email shows the university were more concerned with their ‘precarious reputation’

Woman dies in hit-and-run on Jesmond Road

A man is in a life threatening condition

Watch: Video footage of the Newcastle student shouting ‘I hate n*****s’

He also says ‘I fucking hate gay pikeys’

‘We heard him scream’: We spoke to the boys behind the Castle Leazes pig head prank

There was pigs blood in his bed

Here’s 10 places in Newcastle you need to visit this year to keep your Insta popping

Neon signs seem to be a winner

Bar Blanc are re-launching their pub quiz this upcoming Monday

£2 to enter, winning already

Club goer accuses Tup Tup of overcharging him when he bought two bottles of vodka and just forgot

He thought he had spent eight quid, not eighty

The Newcastle Tab are recruiting – come and join us!

Our first meeting is on the 30th September!

These people got back together with their exes and it actually worked out

‘We’ve both grown up so much’

Glasgow Uni set to pay £20 million in slave trade reparations

They made £200m profits from the slave trade

Who is Saffron Barker? The controversial 19-year-old YouTuber joining Strictly

She has over two million subscribers

Looking back at the 26 reality TV show performances that defined British culture

How did we ever forget about these?

Robbers stamped on student’s face then FaceTimed his mum asking for help

They stamped on his face so hard it left an imprint

Omg, Greggs stores are going to be open til late!

Post pub pasty?

Brighton student sets up fundraiser to pay for transgender surgery

He has raised over £1000 already

All five seasons of Love Island are on ITV Hub right now

But only for a limited time

University of Glasgow to run ‘female only’ course to train NHS leaders

The course will begin in October

Rusty’s bouncer was filmed repeatedly assaulting a female club-goer last night

Northumbria police say she assaulted him first