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Part of the ceiling collapsed in Swingers last night

First MSA, and now SWINGERS?!

Last night the ceiling of the Newcastle famous Grey's Club collapsed. It happened at around 2.30am this morning during the popular weekly Swingers night.

Hundreds of students and clubbers were in the venue when it happened, during DJ Ben Clark's set.

The Newcastle Tab spoke to a witness, who told us: "All of a sudden a massive strip of the ceiling crashed down. It narrowly missed a bunch of people."

You can find a video of the collapsed ceiling on our Instagram story.

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The circumstances surrounding the incident are unknown, but luckily no one was seriously injured.

Fortunately, the club closes at 3am, so most people had left.

Another clubber told us that they were, "just dancing and then saw the ceiling fall down."

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This is following the collapse of a large panel from the ceiling of MSA on Wednesday, during the Loco night.

The Newcastle Tab has approached Grey's Club for comment.

In the words of Pitbull, Newcastle really did "raise the roof" this week. Twice.