A love letter to everyone’s favourite, Soho Rooms

We really, truly love you

Dear Soho,

Whether we know we want to go out but don't know where or we're having one of those spontaneous nights, you're always be there for us.

But what really is it that we love so much? What is it that makes us return to you and have one too many trebles and a bit too much fun?

We love you Soho, and as much as we try this will never stop. You just have too much to give.

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You accept us no matter what.

You let us wear what we want and not feel judged, you cater for the masses and we appreciate you for it.

From fancy dress, trainers and pyjamas to the girls dressed too fancy (who couldn't be bothered to wait in the Bijoux queue any longer) you take us all.

This is why you are so perfect. We know that we can be persuaded by our housemates at 11pm and that you will, without a doubt have the time of your life.

Three. Whole. floors.

You give us three whole floors. Three. For free entry.

You are too good to us. What more could we want?

Yes, someone may fall up the infamous spiral staircase, but it's a risk we're willing to take.

You just don't stop giving, we make it up another set of stairs and… Floho is open. After we've walked past about 15 people on their phones trying to locate their friends, three people asleep on the Floho sofa and two randoms in fancy dress necking on, we make it to that dance floor and feel like we're back in first year again. Ultimate cheesy music and trebs – sounds like the dream to me.

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You make us still love the ones that hurt us the most

Sometimes you leave us with bruises from falling down the spiral staircase, the stairs from the bottom floor going down to the toilets, or even going from Floho to the ground floor.

It hurts but we still love you. Thank you for providing us with enough trebles to save our pride from being bruised too.

Who even needs pre drinks now?

You have made spontaneous nights out a breeze. No one needs worry about what time the corner shop shuts or where we will pre-drink.

'Just going to Soho' is a thing and will inevitably be used for the rest of time. But our love for Soho will continue to grow stronger than ever… especially when we find ourselves ordering two treble vodka oranges and a jager.

Lots of love forever and ever,

The students of Newcastle x

Photo credits: Chris Gray (Soho Rooms). Feature photo: Max Cooper (Soho Rooms)