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We spoke to the Newcastle Uni third year who went on First Dates

She hasn’t seen him since lol

If you watched last week's episode of Channel Four's First Dates, you will have seen blonde bombshell Abbie dating typical gap yah boy William.

Third year Newcastle Uni History student Abbie said she decided to go on the show in an attempt to end her two year single stint, and had decided it was time to finally find her "partner in crime".

She told The Tab Newcastle: "I’ve been single two years now. I loved it, but like kind of feel like I’d like a bit of a partner in crime. I haven’t had a proper romance for a while and all of my friends were egging me on so I was like, why not!"

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Abbie confirmed she didn't know anything about her date before the meal, not even his name, telling us "the date itself is really authentic, we had a lot of funny moments."

From studying History, Abbie was glad when her date seemed equally as interested in the subject. They had a lengthy discussion about their favourite castles which led her to drop the claim to fame that she was a direct descendant of Mary Boleyn.

William, a former bad boy barman, showed off his skills as he took to the bar to make his own cocktail. This time however, it was not enough to impress Abbie and they decided not to see each other again.

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She said the show was "good fun" to be part of and is glad she applied. You'll all be please to know that Fred and Merlin were as "lovely" as they seem on the screen. Abbie commented: "Fred was lovely, so was Merlin. My microphone messed up so I got to speak with them for a while whilst the producers fixed it, which was lovely".

When we asked her if she felt like the show represented her well, she commented: "I think I came across like myself in that I am a bit clumsy and weird so in that respect, yes."

The episode showed us only a small part of the date. Abbie said: "The interview is so long! They have hours of content they can use for such a small date, the actual date I was on lasted a good few hours."

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She joked with the waiter about ruining her food with ketchup but told us "the food was soooo good". It wasn't cheap though and perhaps not for the student budget with the bill coming in at £130.

Waiter, Grant, actually seemed to show an interest in Abbie and she exclusively told The Tab Newcastle they dropped each other a follow on Instagram.

If you want to check out Abbie's historical themed date yourself, she features in Episode 7 of Series 10.