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NUSU Elections: Meet the candidates for Education Officer

Educate yourself

With education being literally the reason we are all at university, the NUSU Education Officer is pretty important, so make sure you cast your vote to have some changes made.

We did a nice, simple round up of all four candidates running for Education Officer this year so you don't have to. Read what they have to say and vote for whoever wins you over.

Sam Cooke

Studies: Linguistics

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Sam's manifesto in five points:

– Reviewing the academic rep system and getting NUSU on board with national benchmarks for inclusivity.

– Building on the Feedback Fortnight campaign to introduce a baseline standard of feedback quality across the University.

– Working with the University Equality & Diversity team to help close attainment gaps.

– Ensuring Newcastle’s voice is heard on government higher education policy, and breaking issues down for students.

– Representing the global campuses by holding surgeries, in person or online, for NU London, Malaysia and Singapore students to discuss their educational issues directly.

Sam says:

“I started volunteering with NUSU within a couple of weeks of coming to Newcastle and I’ve loved every minute, especially my time as a Part-Time Officer last year. I’ve got so much experience and learnt so much about academic representation, which I believe makes me the most qualified candidate for the role. The contributions of previous Officers have really helped me make the most of my time at Newcastle, and I’ve got some great ideas which I hope will do the same for other students.”

Read Sam's full manifesto here.

Jonny Hall

Studies: Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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Jonny's manifesto in five points:

– End consecutive days of exams by introducing minimum break days, so that students can get adequate breaks between sitting exams

– Support student affordability by abolishing hidden 'add-on' course costs including mandatory costs such as poster printing, dissertation binding and unavoidable extra printing fees

– Establish a centralised PEC committee so that all schools follow the procedure correctly, consistently and support all student circumstances

– Ensure the University considers and recognises the impact of the UCU strike for future teaching and strategy

– ReCap for all courses by tackling the issues used by lecturers to justify a lack of ReCap availability.

Jonny says:

"I'm passionate about making sure all students are receiving the services and support that they deserve for their Education. I've had heavy involvement in the Students' Union through my roles on the Education Executive Committee, Course Rep, RAG President and Shock Soc President. However, I recognise that with over ¾ of students not participating in elections there are many who may feel disconnected from the SU. By tackling the issues laid out in my manifesto I hope to show students what the SU can achieve, and help form an SU that works for everyone."

Read Jonny's full manifesto here.

Gillian Salmon

Studies: Philosophy

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Gillan's manifesto in five points:

– Make lecture materials available to students in advance of lectures

– Extra printer credits for UG students who have dissertations to write

– More opportunities for Stage 2 students to write 4-5000 word assignments as a 'stepping stone' to writing a dissertation

– Make student staff committees more visible and effective

– Make it easier for students to contact their reps by improving the app enabling contact via Blackboard

Gillian says:

"I am standing for accessibility and inclusivity for all based on my experience as a School Rep, Course Rep, Student Trustee of NUSU, Secretary of a Socieity, member of Student Council, Steering Committee, Student Staff Partnership Committee, Inclusive Learning Working Group as well as other committees, working groups and involvement in various societies"

Read Gillian's full manifesto here.

Emma Dawson

Studies: Combined Honours (English Lit, Flim Studies and Politics)

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Emma's manifesto in five points:

– Lobby the university to scrap 100% essays and exams

– Aim to have every lecture recapped

– Open door policy – anyone can see me about any academic issues. I'll work with academic reps to help them represent students even better

– Diversify assessment methods – more selection than just exams and essays to reflect a range of skills

– Better study spaces – improved spaces for studying, resting and relaxing based on student feedback

Emma says:

"I'm Emma. I'm your current Scrutiny Officer here at NUSU and I'm campaigning to be your next Education officer. My aims are ambitious and will bring real change that will be felt by every student no matter their subject, stage or location."

Read Emma's full manifesto here.

Click here to cast your vote.