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Newcastle’s smallest box room of 2018: Round Two

Sleeping on the sofa is preferable


We're back again to the box rooms of Newcastle. The first round has been and gone and the votes have been counted and verified. The winners of all rounds will be released next week in the final for Newcastle's smallest box room of 2018.

Now, let's move onto round two. From Jesmond to Sandyford these rooms are like nothing else. They are box rooms which reign supreme. Take a look and cast your vote now.

Rachel Utting, first year, Business with Entrepreneurship

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"The smallest room I've ever seen."

Liam Riley, second year, Biology

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Sunbury Avenue, Jesmond


"Far from the tits, in fact, this room is pretty dreadful."

Josh Mayne, second year, Financial Investment

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63 Doncaster Road, Sandyford


"It is the most basic box room and is in the slums of Sandyford, many girls have ventured home with Josh and chose the sofa over his room."

Nominate your box room by sending an email to [email protected] or send us a message on our Facebook page.

You need to tell us: who lives there, what year they're in and what they study, it's location and why you are nominating the room.