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QUIZ: How Jesmond are you?

Arlo’s avo smash everyday

Ah Jesmond, our famous student area. What’s not to love!? Beautiful terraced streets, Osborne Road bars at your doorstep and Waitrose around the corner. It’s the absolute student dream. It really is the best student area in the country…or is it?

There are those students in Newcastle who live and breathe the Jesmond lifestyle. They strut around in their Puffa jackets or Canada Goose, have a weekly brunch at Arlos and are, of course, members of Pinetree gym. They roll like cigs are going out of fashion and would never miss a £2 Tuesdays.

But what about the rest of us?! Not everyone is as Jesmond as these rahs and there are some of us who only hit the 80 per cent mark. There are even students…dare I say it…who reject the Jesmond life entirely. They shun this student area and the wanky folk who reside in it, in favour of the humbler Sandyford or Heaton.

Where do you fit on the Jesmond Richter scale? Take this quiz to find out how Jesmond you are, after all these are the only Jesmond points that matter.